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Mortgage House ismortgage house home loansa provider of home loans, personal loans, business loans, super funds, investment products, and insurance products.

“Award-winning lending specialist since 1986.” (Mortgage House)

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Here’s a snapshot of Mortgage House home loans currently on offer for a purchase value of $600,000 in NSW, with links direct to the providers website. Please note that this table is formulated based on paying both principal and interest whilst being sorted by current rate (lowest to highest). To compare other home loans, please click here.

Loan Options: What Mortgage House home loans offer

The inclusions below represent a selection of the features available with a Standard Variable Rate home loan of $350,000 for an owner-occupier. Canstar is not making any suggestion or recommendation to you about this product. Please see our comparison tables for more details and information about products on offer from this provider and other home loan providers on our database.

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Additional conditions may apply to different features. Please ensure that you read the product disclosure statement to determine all the current loan terms and conditions for the product you are considering.

Mortgage House Standard Variable Home Loan Features

  • Offset account available.
  • Redraw facility available.
  • Split loan facility available.
  • Mortgage is portable.
  • Additional repayments allowed.
  • Interest only option available.
  • Minimum loan amount $300,000 – up to unlimited maximum loan amount.

Source: Mortgage House

What types of home loans does Mortgage House offer?

At the time of writing, Mortgage House offers the following types of home loans:

  • Variable rate home loan
  • Fixed rate home loan
  • Split home loan
  • Interest only home loan
  • Low deposit home loan
  • Line of credit home loan
  • Construction home loan
  • Bridging home loan
  • Offset home loan (home loan with offset account)
  • Investment home loan

Find out about how different types of home loans work here.

See our comparison tables for details of Mortgage House home loans:

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You can apply for a Mortgage House loan online by clicking on the Mortgage House home loan product of your choice in the Canstar home loan comparison tables. Follow our applying for a home loan checklist, and if you need help applying, you can call Mortgage House on 1800 224 180 (open 7 days).

Yes, Mortgage House allows extra repayments on their home loans. Terms and conditions apply; contact your lender for details.

Yes, Mortgage House offers redraw facilities on their home loans. Fees and charges may apply to use of a redraw facility; contact your lender for details.

Mortgage House lets you make home loan repayments via direct debit, salary credit, direct credit, BPAY, or bank deposit via a Post Office.

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Mortgage House was founded in 1986 as a mortgage broker only, but in 2007 became a mortgage lender in its own right. It was created by Ken Sayer when he felt “dwarfed” by the large institutions he was working for and decided to build his own. The company achieved over 300% growth in its first year.

The company has home loan centres around Australia, from which they offer loans for first home buyers, renovators, refinancers, and more.

Mortgage House is proud to be one of Australia’s most awarded non-bank lenders, having won more than 100 business and industry awards for excellence in products, technology, and customer service.

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Written by: TJ Ryan | Last updated: May 16, 2017