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Keystart is a specialist lender for home loans.

“Unlocking your future.” (Keystart)

Loan Options: What Keystart home loans offer

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The inclusions below represent a selection of the features available with a standard variable rate home loan for an owner occupier. Canstar is not making any suggestion or recommendation to you about this product. Additional conditions may apply to different features. Please see our comparison tables for more detailed information about products on offer from this provider. Please ensure that you read the product disclosure statement (PDS) to determine all the current loan terms and conditions for the product you are considering.

Keystart Country Housing variable home loan features

  • Designed for farmers and rural small business owners
  • $0 ongoing fees
  • $0 establishment fees
  • No LMI charged
  • Additional repayments allowed
  • Available for first home buyers, owner occupiers, and construction loans

What type of home loans does Keystart offer?

At the time of writing, Keystart offers the following types of home loans:

  • Variable rate home loan
  • Low deposit home loan
  • Rent-to-own home loan (Department of Housing tenant transition to home ownership option)
  • Shared ownership home loan (Housing Authority equity share option)
  • Aboriginal home loan
  • Disability home loan
  • Sole parent home loan for refinancing

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How to apply for a Keystart home loan

Before applying for a Keystart home loan, you should first check whether or not you are eligible for a Keystart home loan using their online eligibility check. After that, you can apply online using their 8 steps to home ownership tool. If you need more help to apply, you can call Keystart on 1300 KSTART (1300 578 278).

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Keystart home loans FAQs

Yes, Keystart allows you to make additional repayments on several of their home loans. Terms and conditions apply; contact your lender for details.

Find out how making extra repayments could save money in interest over the life of your loan in this article or use our Extra Repayments Calculator for yourself:

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Yes, at the time of writing, Keystart offers the Goodstart home loan, which is an assisted home ownership scheme available for Department of Housing tenants. This home loan allows tenants to transition from renting to buying the Department of Housing home they are living in.

This type of home loan is available for first home buyers and subsequent home buyers (owner occupiers).

Yes, at the time of writing, Keystart offers the Sole Parent home loan, which is designed for single parents following a bereavement or relationship breakdown. This type of loan is only available for subsequent home buyers (owner occupiers). Find out more about getting a home loan on a single income in this article.

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Established in 1989 in Western Australia, Keystart is a specialist lender that aims to help low income earners, who may not meet the lending requirements of mainstream lenders, achieve the dream of home ownership.

By the time Keystart turned 25 in 2014, this lender had helped more than 85,000 low income earning Aussies in WA access home ownership.

Unlike other lenders, Keystart isn’t a privately owned business; it has only one shareholder, the government-owned WA Housing Authority.

It offers a low deposit home loan scheme for both first home buyers and subsequent home buyers (owner occupiers). As little as 2% of the property purchase price may be required for a deposit in metropolitan Perth, and up to 10% in regional WA. The first home owner’s grant may be used to contribute to this deposit.

Keystart also implemented an education program in 2010, aimed at helping currently ineligible Western Australians (many of whom have excessive debt) learn to better manage their money and work their way towards eligibility for a Keystart loan. Keystart says that the program has over 600 participants at the time of writing.

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Written by: Nina Tovey | Last updated: June 30, 2017