Editorial Charter

Our editorial team aims to put consumers first by producing free content that simplifies the world of finance and empowers our readers to make more informed decisions about their financial future. We:

    • endeavour to be a quality source of finance content. We aim to be accurate, clear and to provide consumers with the full picture. We ensure opinion is clearly marked as such, and we offer companies and individuals a right of reply where appropriate.
    • celebrate journalistic best practice. We only use reputable sources and ensure all work is peer-reviewed. We aim to be error-free, and ensure inaccuracies are corrected quickly. We have high standards when it comes to seeking the truth – whether this be through verifying data or securing our own interviews where appropriate. Learn more about our robust fact-checking and editing process.
    • keep our readers at the heart of our work. We do this by ensuring we are free from commercial or political influence. This means decisions on what to publish are made solely by the editorial team based on the interests of consumers.
    • are always listening to our readers. We take into account every comment left on our articles, and have made positive changes to our content based on this feedback.
    • write about brands. This includes brands that advertise on our site, where we believe it is in our readers’ interest to do so. We are always happy for brands to provide feedback on our content, but the companies we feature do not have a say on the information we include in our story, unless an error is made.
    • aim to inform and inspire wider discussion on finance topics that matter. We do this through responsible, fact-based journalism.
    • try to showcase a wide range of opinions. We don’t shy away from exploring conflicting views.

Canstar has a talented team of journalists, as well as a team of external contributors who are specialists in their respective fields. The views and opinions they express on Canstar’s site or through other channels don’t necessarily reflect Canstar’s views. Our editorial team receives many requests from external websites who would like us to link to a page on their site. We do not provide backlinks on request, but will assess thoughtful requests on their merits. In these instances, we consider whether adding a link will add value to our work by offering more information to our readers that could help them make confident financial decisions.

Our fact-checking process