Our editorial charter

Our editorial team aims to put consumers first by producing free content that simplifies the world of finance and empowers our readers to make more informed decisions about their financial future. We:

  • endeavour to be a quality source of finance content. We aim to be accurate, clear and to provide consumers with the full picture. We ensure opinion is clearly marked as such, and we offer companies and individuals a right of reply where appropriate.
  • celebrate journalistic best practice. We only use reputable sources and ensure all work is peer-reviewed. We aim to be error-free, and ensure inaccuracies are corrected quickly. We have high standards when it comes to seeking the truth – whether this be through verifying data or securing our own interviews where appropriate. Learn more about our robust fact-checking process and our sub-editing team.
  • keep our readers at the heart of our work by ensuring we are free from commercial or political influence. This means decisions on what to publish are made solely by the editorial team based on the interests of consumers.
  • we are always listening to our readers. We take into account every comment left on our articles, and have made positive changes to our content based on this feedback. 
  • we write about brands, including brands that advertise on our site, where we believe it is in our readers’ interest to do so. We are always happy for brands to provide feedback on our content, but the companies we feature do not have a say on the information we include in our story, unless an error is made.
  • aim to inform and inspire wider discussion on the finance topics that matter through responsible, fact-based journalism.
  • try to showcase a wide range of opinions and don’t shy away from exploring conflicting views.


Our content writers and contributors

Canstar has a talented team of journalists, as well as a team of external contributors who are specialists in their respective fields. The views and opinions they express on Canstar’s site or through other channels don’t necessarily reflect Canstar’s views.


Does Canstar provide backlinks on request?

Our editorial team receives many requests from external websites who would like us to link to a page on their site. We do not provide backlinks on request, but will assess thoughtful requests on their merits. In these instances, we consider whether adding a link will add value to our work by offering more information to our readers that could help them make confident financial decisions.

Nina Tovey


As Canstar’s Editor-in-Chief, Nina heads up a team of talented SEO experts and journalists committed to helping empower consumers to take greater control of their finances. Previously Nina founded her own agency where she provided content and communications support to clients around Australia for 8 years. She also spent four years as the PR Manager for American Express Australia, and has worked at a Brisbane communications agency where she supported dozens of clients, including Sunsuper and Suncorp.

Nina has ghostwritten dozens of opinion pieces for publications including The Australian and has been interviewed on finance topics by the Herald Sun and the Sydney Morning Herald. When she’s not dreaming up ways to put a fresh spin on finance, she’s taking her own advice by trying to pay her house off as quickly as possible and raising two money-savvy kids.

Nina has a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English Literature from the University of Queensland. She’s also an experienced presenter, and has hosted numerous events and YouTube series.

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Effie Zahos


Effie Zahos CanstarCanstar’s Editor-at-Large, Effie Zahos, has more than two decades of experience helping Aussies make the most of their money. Passionate about financial literacy, her goal is to help consumers gain a better understanding of their finances.

Prior to joining Canstar Effie was the editor of Money magazine, having helped establish it in 1999 after a two year stint as head researcher of Channel Nine’s Money Show. As one of Australia’s leading personal finance commentators she has a knack for making money matters simple and is part of the lineup of financial spokespeople at Canstar. Effie is also the author of a children’s financial literacy book, The Great $20 Adventure, and A Real Girl’s Guide to Money: From Converse to Louboutins.

Effie sits on the board of directors for Ecstra, a not-for-profit organisation committed to building the financial capability of all Australians within a fair financial system. She holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree from the University of Queensland. Effie also the proud mother of two reformed spenders. An avid podcast listener, Effie says her greatest fear is retiring in a polyester outfit and drinking cask wine.

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Maria Bekiaris

Editorial Campaigns Manager

Maria Bekiaris CanstarAs Editorial Campaigns Manager Maria Bekiaris is responsible for leading a series of new projects designed to connect Canstar with new audiences, and campaigns to help educate consumers so they can take greater control of their money.

Maria was formerly Deputy Editor of Money magazine, a brand she worked on for 18 years having started as a writer and researcher in 2001. She is also editor of the book A Real Girl’s Guide to Money written by Canstar’s Editor-At-Large Effie Zahos, who she also worked with at Money magazine. Maria has a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology Sydney.

Maria loves a good book and has recently discovered her crafty side experimenting with resin art. She is also the proud mum of two budding entrepreneurs who have been known to busk, run a lemonade stand and now have their sights set on YouTube success.

You can follow Maria on LinkedIn and Canstar on Facebook.

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Petrina Berry

Senior Finance Journalist

Petrina Berry is a Senior Finance Journalist at Canstar. With over 16 years as a reporter to her name, she is one of Canstar’s most experienced writers, specialising in finance news, property, super, insurance and financial markets. Petrina has previously written for the Australian Associated Press (AAP), News Corp Australia, and The North West Star in Mount Isa. She has experience covering the courts, as well as state and federal politics. She even spent some time in London covering, amongst other things, the Royals. Prior to going on maternity leave, Petrina oversaw the editorial team’s news output, delivering breaking finance stories to readers.

You can follow Petrina on LinkedIn and Twitter, and Canstar on Facebook.

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Sean Callery

Finance Editor

Sean Callery, Finance Editor at CanstarSean Callery is Finance Editor at Canstar. His team covers just about every finance topic under the sun, but mainly superannuation, banking and insurance. He’s passionate about financial literacy and translating finance-ese into simple language that anyone can understand. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism (Dublin City University) and a Masters Degree in Creative Advertising (Edinburgh Napier University), Sean has accumulated more than a decade of international experience in communications roles – in Australia, the UK and Ireland – across finance, banking, consumer and legal affairs, and more. Before joining Canstar, he oversaw content at Credit Union Australia (CUA), one of Australia’s biggest member-owned financial institutions.

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Amanda Horswill

Senior Finance Journalist

Amanda-Horswill-CanstarA journalist for more than two decades, Amanda Horswill has covered a gamut of subjects, including property, lifestyle, hyper-local news, data journalism, the Arts and careers. She’s served as the Editor of Brisbane News, Deputy Features Editor for The Sunday Mail, Deputy Editor – Digital at Quest Community News, and a host of other senior positions at News Corp, prior to joining Australia’s biggest financial comparison website, Canstar.  

Amanda is fascinated with the ever-changing world of finance. A passionate believer in the motto “knowledge is power”, she strives to translate the news into practical information that will help readers make informed decisions about their future. When not analysing the latest economic news, Amanda can be found pouring over local property listings, searching for her next renovation project.  

She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism, Media Studies and Production, and Public Relations) and a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing from the University of Southern Queensland.

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Ellie McLachlan

Senior Finance Journalist

Ellie McLachlanEllie McLachlan is a Senior Finance Journalist within the Editorial team at Canstar, responsible for leading the news function for the business. She specialises in covering all things home loans and housing, breaking finance industry news and monitoring financial product movements. Ellie has a keen interest in analysing data and research, and is passionate about sharing people’s personal experiences with managing money. Ellie studied a Bachelor of Journalism and Arts (Peace and Conflict Studies) at the University of Queensland and has dipped her toe in digital, broadcast and print media, including at organisations such as The Urban List, The Courier-Mail, 4ZZZ and APN News & Media.

You can follow Ellie on LinkedIn and Twitter, and Canstar on Facebook.

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Shay Waraker

Senior Content Manager

Shay Waraker

With a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Queensland under her belt, Shay has lived and breathed content for over a decade. Her experience includes public relations and copywriting both in Australia and the UK where she consulted to Lloyds Banking Group. She also gained work experience at Czech Republic English-language newspaper The Prague Post, Quest newspaper The Wynnum Herald and freelanced for The Courier Mail.

Today, she manages a team responsible for preparing engaging finance content for Canstar including our series of guides and securing contributed articles from external experts, as well as looking for the next content opportunity to help empower people to take control of their money.

Shay is acknowledged by friends and family as being on the frugal side, a disposition that makes her passionate about helping Australians better manage their personal finances. You can find her trawling recent news, speaking with contributors or brainstorming ways to simplify financial topics in a quest to make personal finance the new black. You will also find her in the lunch room, because, well, she’s frugal and packs her own lunch.

You can follow Shay on LinkedIn and Twitter, and Canstar on Facebook.

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Jacqueline Belesky

Sub Editor

Jacqueline BeleskyWith a passion for sharing content that is accurate and engaging, Jacqui supports our editorial team to ensure our financial articles about topics as diverse as banking, superannuation, insurance and home loans are informative and relevant. She brings over 15 years of experience in corporate communications, media and publishing and holds a Bachelor of Journalism (Distinction) from Queensland University of Technology and postgraduate qualifications in Writing, Editing and Publishing from the University of Queensland.

Jacqui was previously a Global Content and Media Manager for ABB in the UK and in Oslo, Norway, and has worked in Australia as a journalist for News Corp and editor for the Queensland Government, John Wiley & Sons and the University of Queensland. Jacqui’s articles have been published in The Courier-Mail, The Gold Coast Bulletin and on www.news.com.au. She also brings experience managing the editorial production of annual reports, financial statements, research papers and supplements on topics such as business sustainability and the global financial crisis.

You can follow Jacqui on LinkedIn, and Canstar on Facebook.

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Tom Letts

Sub Editor

Tom-Letts-CanstarAs a Sub Editor at Canstar, Tom strives to help the team communicate its wealth of finance knowledge to the world in a way that is engaging, informative and accurate. Tom seeks to make sure consumers get the full picture on a range of money matters.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts (French and International Relations) and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from The University of Queensland, and previously spent around six years working as a quality assurance manager at Pacific Transcription, a global transcription company based in Brisbane. In his downtime, Tom enjoys learning languages, planning holidays and following election coverage.

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Elise Donaldson

Finance Journalist

As a finance journalist in the Editorial team at Canstar, Elise spends her time preparing engaging finance content and news articles, working closely with contributors and organising the EDM content schedule. With Bachelors in Journalism and Drama and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Senior Years) from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), she has a thirst for educating the everyday Aussie by breaking down complex finance speak into easy-to-grasp content.

Elise previously worked at leading Australian newswire service – Australian Associated Press (AAP) – writing breaking news stories across digital and print media, and has had her work published in The Courier-Mail, Brisbane Times, News.com.au and The Australian. When she’s not typing away at the keyboard or hunting down new story ideas, Elise enjoys immersing herself in the arts and playing sport.

You can follow Elise on LinkedIn, and Canstar on Facebook.

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Tamika Seeto

Finance Journalist

Tamika Seeto is a Finance Journalist at Canstar. She joined the team after completing a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at QUT, and has past experience writing for a variety of publications across news, music and the arts. 

At Canstar, Tamika’s writing tackles everything from superannuation and insurance to the latest budgeting apps worth downloading. Tamika understands the world of finance can seem daunting at times, so she strives to break it down in a way that is easy to understand and relatable.

You can follow Tamika on LinkedIn, and Canstar on Facebook.

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Eliza Parry-Okeden

Editorial Intern

Eliza is an Editorial Intern at Canstar and writes on a variety of topics relating to personal finance, insurance, property and more. She’s currently in the home stretch of a double degree in Law and Media and Communications at QUT. While once-upon-a-time she considered herself allergic to all things related to money, Eliza has proven adept at tackling even the most complex of financial topics and making them relatable to readers. She’s been able to learn a thing or two about her own finances too, and aims to encourage other young people to take charge of their finances – or at least to consume smashed avo responsibly.

You can follow Eliza on LinkedIn, and Canstar on Facebook.

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