Our experienced finance journalists and sub-editors strive to ensure our articles are accurate, clear and provide consumers with the full picture. This is outlined in our editorial charter, and is particularly important during times of economic uncertainty, when consumers can be exposed to more frequent misinformation online.

Our mission is to empower our readers to make informed decisions about their financial future, and it’a responsibility we take seriously. That’s why we have the following checks and balances in place:

  • Our team of sub-editors check the accuracy of all our new and updated content before it is published. This covers everything from double-checking facts and figures, through to making sure we are being clear, and providing consumers with a balanced picture. To this end, we scrutinise all data, sources and contributions to make sure they are relevant and not biased.
  • Every new article is also checked by a senior journalist before it is published.
  • We work closely with our expert Research team to ensure the Canstar data we use in our articles is as current and relevant as possible. We also work closely with a group of internal product specialists, who fact-check some of our articles on particularly niche areas of finance.

Our sub-editors

Jacqueline Belesky

With a passion for sharing content that is accurate and engaging, Jacqui supports our editorial team to ensure our financial articles are informative and relevant. She brings over 15 years of experience in corporate communications, media and publishing. Jacqui was previously a Global Content and Media Manager for ABB in the UK and Oslo, Norway, and has worked in Australia as a journalist for News Corp and editor for the Queensland Government, John Wiley & Sons and The University of Queensland. 

She holds a Bachelor of Journalism (Distinction) from Queensland University of Technology and postgraduate qualifications in Writing, Editing and Publishing from UQ. Jacqui’s fascination with content shared in her childhood, when she’d read a book a day sometimes just for the fun of it.

Tom Letts

As a sub-editor at Canstar, Tom strives to help the team communicate its wealth of finance knowledge to the world in a way that is engaging, informative and accurate. Tom seeks to make sure consumers get the full picture on a range of money matters.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts (French and International Relations) and a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from UQ, and previously spent around six years working as a quality assurance manager at a global transcription company. In his downtime, Tom enjoys learning languages, planning holidays and following election coverage.