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AIMS Home Loans is a provider of home loans, deposit bonds and commercial loans.

What types of home loans does AIMS Home Loans offer?   

At the time of writing, AIMS Home Loans offers a range of home loan products, including:

  • Gold Standard Variable Home Loan
  • Platinum Variable Home Loan
  • Money Saver Variable Home Loan
  • First Option Variable Home Loan
  • Complete Variable Home Loan
  • Super Saver Discount Variable Home Loan

Canstar does not currently rate AIMS home loans, but you can compare other home loan providers on Canstar’s database:

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AIMS home loan features

  • Loan amount from $50,000 to $1,000,000
  • Loan term up to 30 years
  • Repayment can be made monthly or fortnightly
  • Fixed rate available for one to five years on certain home loans
  • Additional repayments available
  • Early repayment available
  • Redraw facility available on variable rate loans (minimum withdrawal applies)

Maximum LVR:

  • $0 – $500,000 = 90% LVR
  • $500,001 to $750,000 = 85% LVR
  • $750,001 to $1,000,000 = 80% LVR

The inclusions above represent a selection of the features that may be available with AIMS Home Loans. Canstar is not making any suggestion or recommendation to you about a particular product. Additional conditions may apply to different features. Check upfront with AIMS Home Loans and ensure that you read the product disclosure statement (PDS) or other loan documentation to determine all the current loan terms and conditions for the product you are considering, and whether it meets your needs, before committing to it.

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AIMS home loans FAQs

If you decide to apply for an AIMS home loan, you can do this by completing an application form on its website, over the phone or in person at an AIMS Home Loans centre or branch.

But first you might like to take a look at our applying for a home loan checklist for some pointers, and use the Canstar website to compare other home loans before choosing a product that suits your needs:

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AIMS Home Loans allows extra repayments and says this can be done by sending a bank or personal cheque directly to AIMS. According to AIMS, for all variable loans and the variable component of split loans, extra repayments can be made at any time at no charge. Terms and conditions may apply. Contact AIMS for details.

AIMS also says that full repayment of your home loan can be made at any time – however, one month’s written notice is required.

To give you an idea of how making extra repayments could save you money in interest over the life of your loan, you might like to try our Extra Repayments Calculator.

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AIMS Home Loans offers a redraw facility on its variable rate home loans. According to AIMS, the minimum withdrawal using this facility is $100. Contact AIMS for details.

If you’re in the market for a home loan, compare some of your home loan options with Canstar:

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AIMS Home Loans was established in 1991 and is now one of Australia’s largest non-bank lenders. AIMS says it has won over 30 national awards. The Australian-owned company has offices in Australia and China.

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Written by: Tamika Seeto | Last updated: December 18, 2018