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World Nomads is a provider of travel insurance.

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The table below displays a snapshot of World Nomads’ travel insurance policies on Canstar’s database, sorted by Star Rating (highest to lowest). Please note the products and Star Ratings displayed are based on a couple travelling to the USA aged under 70. 

What types of travel insurance does World Nomads offer? 

World Nomads offers international travel insurance with a range of options to choose from. There are two tiers of insurance for you to pick: the Standard Plan or the Explorer Plan. If you’re unsure as to which kind of travel insurance is most appropriate for you, or would like to better understand the differences between the different types of cover, check out our comprehensive guide on travel insurance. 

What does World Nomads international travel insurance cover? 

World Nomads’ Standard Plan for international travel insurance will cover you for the following major events, amongst others: 

  • Overseas medical expenses up to $5 million, including hospital, ambulance, doctors, evacuation and repatriation 
  • Unlimited 24-hour assistance 
  • Personal liability up to $1 million 
  • Cancellation costs ($3,500) 
  • Trip interruptions and resumption ($2,500 and $1,500, respectively) 
  • Emergency dental treatment ($500) 
  • Theft or damage to personal items ($2,000) 

The more expensive Explorer Plan increases these dollar limits and adds many more, with coverage including: 

  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses 
  • Unlimited emergency transport and repatriation 
  • Unlimited cancellation costs 
  • Legal liability up to $2.5 million 
  • Sporting equipment hire ($1,000) 
  • Kidnap or hijacking ($2,500) 
  • Rental vehicle insurance excess ($3,000) 
  • Death or disablement ($12,500)  

Please note that exclusions may apply. Some general exclusions include expenses incurred within Australia, pregnancy and fertility treatments, travelling overseas for medical treatment, mental illness, criminal acts and failure to heed Do Not Travel warnings from the Australian Government. 

For more details about what is and isn’t covered, check out the Product Disclosure Statement on World Nomads’ website. 

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Yes, World Nomads’ international travel insurance has cover for overseas medical and hospital expenses up to $5 million under its Standard Plan policy. The Explorer Plan increases this to unlimited coverage for hospital, ambulance and transport/repatriation. As always, various conditions and exclusions will apply, such as to HIV or mental illness. For more information, read World Nomads Product Disclosure Statement. 

Yes, World Nomads will cover you up to a certain amount for replacing or reimbursing luggage and personal effects that are lost, stolen or damaged while travelling. Under World Nomads’ Standard Plan, you’re covered for theft or damage up to $2,000, while the Explorer Plan increases this to $10,000.  

This is subject to you taking reasonable care with your items, such as keeping valuables on you at all times or locked in a safe. Specific item limits apply to portable electronics and digital storage devices. Some exclusions that aren’t covered are sporting equipment on the Standard Plan (Explorer Plan covers you up to $1,000), watercraft, musical instruments or precious stones.  

If you’re not sure what to do when your luggage goes missing, check out our guide on travel mishaps and how to avoid them. 

Yes, World Nomads travel insurance will cover up to a certain amount for lost deposits and cancellation fees for pre-paid travel arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances outside the traveller’s control on a policy. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for more information. 

You can purchase a World Nomads travel insurance policy by first comparing your options with Canstar and then generating a quote online Finding a quote is easy: simply visit the World Nomads website and enter your destination, country of origin, travel dates and ages; you’ll then get a quick quote for both travel insurance plans, which you can customise further if you so choose. 

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You can lodge an emergency claim, such as a medical emergency or large financial problem, by calling World Nomads on the phone. From within Australia, the number to call is 1300 787 375. From anywhere in the world, you can call +61 2 8263 0470 to lodge an emergency claim. 

To make a non-urgent claim online, you can log into your World Nomads Membership online; simply click on the ‘Make a Claim’ button, choose your claim type and enter all your bank and claim details. You can stay in touch with the claims team by reading your messages online or by calling 1300 625 229 (Australia) or +61 2 8263 0487 (Overseas). You’ll often need to send supporting documentation to the team, which you can email to  

When you contact World Nomads to make a claim, make sure you have your policy number ready along with a contact number, your location, a description of your problem and any prescribed medication you may be taking.  

Check out our guide on how to make claiming for travel insurance easier. 

World Nomads is a global provider of travel insurance for adventurous, community-minded customers. In addition to travel insurance, World Nomads provides a wealth of travel advice and insights to avoid risk and increase your enjoyment through its Travel Smart section. It also offers a ‘Create’ section, which provides resources for creative travellers who want to tell stories; it offers scholarships to creative workshops, guides for photography and videography worldwide, and articles by experienced practitioners. 

The company is very active in giving back, with an optional donation to Footprints included in every travel insurance membership. You can choose where your donation goes to help change lives overseas, such as towards basic medical procedures in SE Asia, sustainable agriculture in Africa or preparing refugee kids for school here in Australia. World Nomads customers have raised over $2 million worldwide. 

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Written by: Sam Bloom | Last updated: February 21, 2018