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Netwealth is a wealth management company providing services for financial advisers and personal investors, including superannuation.

Types of Netwealth Super accounts

Netwealth Super offers two personal superannuation funds and self-managed superannuation services. The two super funds on offer are the Super Accelerator Core and the Super Accelerator Plus.

Super Accelerator Core gives you access to 17 different Global Specialist Series funds, term deposits and a cash account. You will be charged an annual administration fee of 0.35% on the first $250,000 you have invested, subject to a minimum of $120 per annum. You may also be charged an investment fee depending on your specific choice, but this does not apply to the default option.

Super Accelerator Plus offers over 300 managed funds, ASX and overseas listed securities, Managed Account Models, term deposits and a cash account. You will be charged an administration fee of $175, plus a stepped amount based on how much you have invested. The first $250,000 you invest will be charged a 0.59% per annum fee, the next $250,000 will be charged at 0.45% and amounts between $500,001 and $1 million are charged at 0.25%. Any funds in excess of $1 million are not further charged. You may also be charged an investment fee depending on your specific choice, but this does not apply to the default option.

Netwealth Super provides the below benefits to their members:

  • Insurance in super available for death cover (life insurance), and total and permanent disability (TPD) cover
  • Easy online account access
  • Financial advice available
  • Pension options
  • Access to low-interest home loans with ME Bank
  • Discounted health insurance available through NIB

Eligibility to join Netwealth Super

Netwealth Super does not list any eligibility requirements on its website or PDS. However, super funds generally require that you satisfy the following criteria to register with them:

  • You must be an Australian resident
  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must be earning at least $450 before tax per month from an employer

If you are under the age of 18, but earning more than $450 before tax per month, you must be working more than 30 hours per week to qualify for super.

How to join Netwealth

You can apply to join Netwealth by visiting the Netwealth website and following the sign-up process.

Be sure to compare super funds on the Canstar website and check our choosing a super fund checklist before signing up for a particular superannuation account.

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Netwealth Superannuation FAQs

Yes, Netwealth Super has a dedicated online portal for super fund members. You can view your account balance online, access statements for your account, download super fund information and more.

Netwealth Super Accelerator Plus provides hundreds of different investment options for you to choose from, while Super Accelerator Core offers 17 different managed funds and term deposit options. When you invest in a Netwealth Super fund you are able to mix and match investment options to suit your needs.

When choosing an investment option, it is important to take into account your investment time frames and goals, and your personal risk tolerance for market fluctuations. Learn more about how to choose between different investment options on the Canstar website.

At the time of writing (24/07/2018) Netwealth charges annual fees based on your total balance.

Compare these fees to the average super fund fees on our database, as fees are an important consideration when selecting a fund.

Yes, you can consolidate other super accounts into your Netwealth Super account.

It’s important to check with your previous super funds for information regarding costs such as exit fees and insurance cover you may lose if you switch super funds.

Netwealth Super is a wealth management company that was founded in 1999 to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to the Australian financial services industry. In addition to providing financial services and superannuation to Australians, they also invest in Banqer, a financial literacy program helping to educate 15,000 Australian school children in how financial systems work.

Written by: Tim Smith | Last updated: August 2, 2018