7 bedroom design ideas

Journalist · 6 September 2021
Having sweet dreams of a beautiful boudoir? Let’s turn down the covers, plump up the pillow, and examine how you could transform your sleeping space.

Everyone wants their bedroom to be a place where they feel completely comfortable and relaxed. A place to let go of all their worries and snuggle up under the covers in a beautiful room just for them.

However, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to decorating your bedroom. By breaking it down into these easy steps, you could have it looking and feeling amazing in no time.

Bedroom decorating checklist:

1. Collect images of bedrooms you like

Before you start planning your makeover, you may want to take a quick inventory of what you have, and decide what you want to keep and what needs to go. It can also be a good idea to strip the room bare of decoration, to banish the remnants of decor past and really get a handle on your available resources.

Then, turn your mind to what you need in your room. Do you need a sitting area for reading, or is the corner chair nothing more than an informal clothes basket?  Is the light right for sleeping?

Think about what kind of feeling you’d like to create in your bedroom – do you want it to be romantic, relaxing, fun or dramatic, for example?

Create a visual list of pictures you like, thinking about aspects such as colour, texture, tone and decor style.

Inspiration could come from anywhere – magazines, friends’ houses, social media, furniture store catalogues…the list goes on. When you have a general idea of what you’d like to achieve, research what items you’ll need and where you’ll buy them.

2. Think about whether a statement bedhead would suit your space

A bedroom with a polka-dotted bedspread.
Image: Photographee.eu. (Shutterstock)

After getting clear on your personal style, a statement bedhead can be worth considering when it comes to decorating your room.

Interior designer Elizabeth Flekser of Brisbane-based firm Ivy and Piper says whether it’s made from a bold fabric, timber, or something more subdued, a well-chosen bedhead will help set the tone for your room.

3. Break out the wallpaper

Wallpaper in a bedroom.
Image: Photographee.eu. (Shutterstock)

When it comes to your walls, don’t be afraid of a well-chosen roll of wallpaper.

“It’s a great layering and decorative element and you can take cues from it for the rest of the room,” Ms Flekser says.

If that seems like too much of a decor commitment, perhaps opt instead for a large piece of artwork, or a series of smaller pictures. Mirrors are also a good way to add interest to a wall, while also adding an illusion of space.

Whatever treatment you decide to give the vertical surfaces in your space, be sure to take that into consideration when planning the rest of the room – particularly your selection of bedspread.

4. Match your bedspread to the rest of the room

A bright green bedspread.
Image: Photographee.eu. (Shutterstock)

A bedroom is all about the bed, so, naturally, whatever you use to cover it will have a considerable impact when it comes to decor. A simple rule of thumb may help you to determine what you need: If you love a bedspread with a bright and bold pattern, it’s typically a good idea to keep the rest of the room simple.

“If you want a patterned spread, pull back in other areas and pull colour from the quilt for other elements in the room such as a chair or cushions,” Ms Flekser says.

However, if you’ve gone with a vibrant wallpaper or artwork, you may want to think about keeping the bedspread plain, perhaps in a colour picked from the walls or in a neutral shade, such as white, bone or grey. Interest can be added with texture, such as with quilted fabric, different edge treatments such as fringing, or by using different materials such as velvet or linen.

5. Top your bed off with a throw

A thick, knitted throw rug on the end of a bed.
Image: Latkn (Shutterstock)
Layering linen can welcome another dimension to the decor of a bedroom.Adding a textured throw rug over the end of your bed could add that extra special something, Ms Flekser says.

“We like to stick to really tailored bedspreads, valances (a material border designed to hide the space under the bed) and linen with a gorgeous throw as a layer at the end of a bed.”

Cushions and extra pillows can also add to a feeling of coziness, but be sure to carefully select the shape, size and colours so as to not overwhelm the overall look.

6. Brighten things up with bedside lights

Gold accents lift this bedroom decor.
Image: Photographee.eu. (Shutterstock)

Bedside lighting is an important feature for any bedroom, as it can help to create a relaxed and ambient setting for reading or unwinding.

Ms Flekser suggests choosing lamps or pendants that complement the decor.

“Beautiful bedside lamps will help to create a sense of harmony in the room,” she says.

The ideal light has a dimmer switch, to allow for complete control over the amount of illumination in different situations. Adjustable lamps, which can be tilted to focus the light, are useful for reading, to shine the light directly onto your page.

Choose warm white or soft white bulbs for areas where you want to add atmosphere, such as around the bed. However, the bright white and cool white bulbs are best for areas where clearer vision is required, such as where you get dressed.

7. Soften your step with a bedroom rug

A soft rug in a bedroom.
Image: Svet_Feo. (Shutterstock)

Whether you have timber floors or carpet, a rug is worth considering for every bedroom, Ms Flekser says.

Choose a colour, pattern and texture that tones in with the rest of the decor.

“A rug creates softness throughout the room and helps to achieve a harmonious balance,” she adds.

Make sure it’s big enough to go at least halfway under the bed with enough rug left at the sides and end.

Originally published in 2019 and updated in 2021 by Jacqueline Belesky.

Image source: By Photographee.eu/Shutterstock.com

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