40 bathroom tile ideas and designs you need to try

Sub Editor · 10 September 2021
In this article, we share 40 bathroom tile ideas that showcase different colours, textures and patterns to creative effect.

Expert bathroom tile ideas

Vanessa WalkerHere are 5 tasteful tile trends and how to use them in your bathroom, as shared by Houzz Australia & New Zealand Editor, Vanessa Walker, with Canstar. These ideas are based on popular styles and input from industry professionals, to help inspire you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Terrazzo

Terrazzo continues its reign as one of the biggest bathroom tiling trends. This tile is popular at an international scale and has made regular appearances at the annual Cersaie International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings trade fair in Bologna, Italy, evolving into new shapes, sizes and finishes.

Terrazzo is a composite material, usually a concrete base mixed with other small materials such as granite, marble or ceramics. The colour is usually neutral, but can also appear freckled in pink, blue and green.

Terrazzo tiles
Image: By shopplaywood

2. Herringbone & Chevron

While these classic designs are not new to the bathroom scene, their resurgence suggests many homeowners are looking to create a timeless look in their contemporary home. Keep in mind that particularly with this style of intricate pattern, it could be a good idea to consider calling in a professional to install your tiles.

Herringbone tiles
Image: Jodie Johnson.

3. Texture & 3D

A number of homeowners are now going above and beyond the standard flat-surface tiles with a growing trend towards texture, whether that be through raw finishes such as concrete and timber, or actual 3D tiles with grooves and curves. Bathroom lighting will bounce off these textured surfaces, so you may want to choose your lights wisely.

wood and concrete bathroom
Image: By ImageFlow

4. Subway

Going one step further than the classic subway tiles that many of us have come to know and love, in some cases these tiles are now being stacked vertically, challenging the norm but ultimately creating a new and exciting design for us to incorporate into our bathrooms. These tiles, whether vertical or horizontal, generally work extremely well to transform smaller bathrooms.

Subway tiles
Image: By Joe Hendrickson

5. Pastel colours

While all-white tiles may historically be the undisputed king of bathroom floors and walls, pastel colours certainly deserve an honourable mention. Millennial pink and sage green have become beloved colours for interiors and recently we have seen them starting to move into bathrooms and kitchens.

pastel bathroom
Image: By IZ1737

Bathroom tile colour ideas

6. Modernist grey tiles

grey bathroom tiles
Image: By Gunter Kremer

7. Baby blue tiles

Image: By Grankin art

8. Cheerful yellow tiles

yellow tiles
Image: By IZ1737

9. Rainbow tiles

mosaic rainbow tiles
Image: By getcloser

10. Silver and gold tiles

silver and gold bathroom tiles
Image: By apple2499

11. Black tiles

black tiles
Image: By Ancapital

12. White tiles

white tiles
Image: By Photographee.eu.

13. Colourful tiles

rainbow tiles

14. Orange tiles

orange tiles
Image: By Photographee.eu.

15. Gold and cream tiles

Gold feature tiles
Image: By IZ1737

Statement tile ideas

16. Mosaic tiles

mosaic bathroom
Image: By Dmitri_st

17. Feature wall with surrounding tiles

checkered tiles

18. Marble offset by a feature wall

marble against a feature wall in bathroom
Image: By ImageFlow.

19. Unusually shaped tiles

unusually shaped tiles
Image: By Davdeka.

20. Checkered tiles

black check tiles
By onzon.

Material and texture bathroom tile ideas

21. Brick and tiles

white brick feature wall in bathroom
Image: By Archi_Viz

22. Marble

marble bathroom
By alexandre zveiger.

23. Mother of pearl tiles

mother of pearl tiles
Image: By Ronald Sumners.

24. Travertine tiles

travertine tiles
Image: By mirounga.

25. Slate tiles

slate flooring
Image: By Kues.

26. Concrete with wood

wood and concrete bathroom
Image: By ImageFlow.

27. Stone tiles

stone tiles
Image: By Beyond Time.

28. Wood panels with tiles

wood panels in bathroom
Image: By NavinTar.

29. Granite tiles