5 fireplace ideas to warm your home

Journalist · 10 September 2021
Fireplaces help create a living space that’s warm and ambient for relaxing or socialising, and with a range of designs on offer, there is a fireplace to suit almost every home.

Here are five ideas for a fireplace to warm your heart and your home:

1. Traditional fireplace

A picture of a traditional living room with a fireplace, warming rug and denim couches.
Image: Breadmaker. (Shutterstock)

Often featured in children’s picture books and romantic movies, there is something truly charming about a traditional open fireplace. And even though it’ll be summer in Australia come Christmas time, you won’t be able to resist hanging your stockings from the mantel on top.

2. Streamline fireplace

A picture of a living room with a fireplace.
Image: Dariusz Jarzabek (Shutterstock)

An excellent solution for modern homes, a streamline fireplace won’t clash with the rest of your house. Sleek and stylish and often with a glass front, it will also help keep smoke out of the house if you’re still perfecting your fire-making skills.

 3. Luxury fireplace

A picture of a lit fire in a fireplace.
Image: Marvin Minder. (Shutterstock)

If the budget allows, you might like to explore more unique options when it comes to choosing your fireplace design. From low-set pits with retractable glass casings to fireplaces that hang from the ceiling, there are plenty of designs that can provide extra wow-factor.

4. Double-sided fireplace

A picture of a modern double-sided fireplace in a modern home with concrete floors. Image: Photographee.eu. (Shutterstock)
A double-sided fireplace. Image: Photographee.eu. (Shutterstock)

Why have one fireplace when you can effectively have two? If your fireplace can be placed between two rooms or areas of the home, it will double the impact and help keep you warm and toasty wherever you decide to snuggle up.

5. Feature wall fireplace

An image of a lit fireplace in a modern living room. Image: Breadmaker, Shutterstock
Image: Breadmaker. (Shutterstock)

If you’re lucky enough to have a double-height ceiling in your living room, consider stretching the fireplace all the way to the top. Stone and brick look fantastic when used in this way, especially when matched with other materials around the home to achieve a cohesive look.

Things to consider

A picture of a fireplace in a modern living room.
Image: ImageFlow (Shutterstock)

If you’re opting for a wood fireplace, think about incorporating an area in your design to store chopped timber nearby. It not only looks striking, but is handy when it comes time to light the fire.

Fireplaces must meet Australian standards and may require approval from local authorities. It is also advisable to ask for professional advice when considering buying a fireplace, and have them professionally installed.

Wood smoke contains chemicals that can affect your health, so it’s important to make sure you operate and look after your fireplace properly. Be sure to have it checked once a year and also look out for excessive smoke after every lighting.

Originally published 2019.

Cover image source: By Breadmaker/Shutterstock.com

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