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PD Insurance is a 100% online provider that specialises in car insurance. Canstar does not currently rate PD Insurance car insurance; however, we have provided a summary of the cover available below.

What types of car insurance does PD Insurance offer?

PD Insurance offers third party property damage, third party fire and theft and comprehensive car insurance policies. Some benefits of each include:

Comprehensive car insurance

This policy provides the highest level of cover out of the PD Insurance policies available. Some features include:

  • Accidental damage: Provides cover for loss or damage to your vehicle caused by a number of events, including collision, impact, malicious damage, theft or attempted theft, fire, hail, storm or flood.
  • Third party liability: Covers your legal liability for damage or loss caused by damaging someone else’s vehicle or property up to a maximum of $20 million.
  • Optional extras: Some optional extras include a hire car, roadside assistance and replacement of your windscreen or windows. As a further optional extra, PD Insurance may pay your excess once per year if you need to have your car fixed or replaced.
  • Additional benefits: Some additional benefits include a hire car if your car is stolen, a new vehicle (if yours is less than a year old) or agreed value for your car if it’s written-off or stolen, emergency repair cover of up to $500 and free windscreen cover. Up to $1,000 will be paid to replace or recode your car keys or locks if they are stolen, plus some reasonable costs will be covered if your car is damaged in an incident that’s covered in your policy and cannot be safely driven.

Third party fire and theft

Provides cover for damage that you cause with your vehicle to other people’s cars and property. This policy also insures you against theft or fire damage to your car. Other features include:

  • Property liability damage: Cover for your legal liability for damage or loss resulting from damaging someone else’s vehicle or property up to a maximum of $20 million.
  • Additional benefits: Cover for the loss or damage to your car up to a maximum of $5,000, if the damage is the result of a collision with another vehicle where the owner is not insured to cover your damage. If your car is stolen, PD Insurance provides a hire car. If it is damaged and cannot be safely driven, this policy includes towing your car to a repairer or place of safety, and storing your car while you make a claim (and until it’s settled).
  • Optional extras: Some optional extras include a hire car for up to 14 days after an incident, as well as roadside assistance.

Third party property damage

This option is the cheapest available from PD Insurance and provides cover for damage that you cause with your car to other people’s vehicle or property. It includes:

  • Property liability damage: covers your legal liability for damage or loss resulting from damaging someone else’s vehicle or property up to a maximum of $20 million.
  • Additional benefits: Covers the loss or damage to your car up to maximum of $5,000 caused by a collision with another vehicle the other driver is uninsured to cover your damage.
  • Optional extras: Provides roadside assistance if your car breaks down, gets a flat battery or tyre or you need to be towed, among other things.

If you’re unsure as to which kind of car insurance is most appropriate for you, or don’t understand the differences between the various levels of cover, here’s our guide to the different kinds of car insurance.

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What additional features does PD Insurance offer on its car insurance products?

Depending on the level of cover that you have, PD Insurance may provide additional benefits. If you have comprehensive insurance, some of these things may be automatically included. PD Insurance offers the following additional features:

  • A free hire car after theft for up to 14 days
  • Emergency repairs worth up to $500 in value
  • Debris removal
  • Free windscreen repair

If your vehicle is deemed a total loss because of damage or theft within the first 12 months of its original new car registration, PD Insurance will consult with you about replacing the vehicle with a new vehicle or paying the agreed value.

Canstar does not currently rate PD Insurance car insurance products; however, you can compare other car insurance providers on our database.

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PD Insurance Car Insurance FAQs

Yes, PD Insurance allows you to choose between market value and agreed value for your vehicle. If there is no agreed value shown on your insurance certificate, the insurance will cover the market value of your vehicle at the time of the damage or loss. If you’re not sure which one would be best for your vehicle, read our article explaining the difference between market value and agreed value.

First, consider comparing car insurance policies with Canstar to find a product that suits your needs.

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If you choose to go with a PD Insurance policy for your vehicle, you can request a quote through the PD Insurance website or over the phone. If you require assistance throughout the process, you can contact PD Insurance over the phone, via email or through the online chat feature on the website.

Yes, PD Insurance allows you to nominate a higher or lower excess; however, it does not specify the excess limits on the website.

Nominating a higher or lower excess may affect the cost of your car insurance premiums. A higher excess will typically result in a lower premium, while a lower excess will typically result in a higher premium.

You can lodge a claim with PD Insurance by using its claims service online or by calling the PD Insurance claims service centre. If your car has been stolen, PD Insurance encourages you to notify the police before lodging a claim.

Once your claim has been lodged, PD Insurance says that it manages the process while keeping you informed.

Your PD Insurance car insurance policy will automatically renew if you choose not to alter it after receiving a renewal notice. PD Insurance may invite you to renew with a written renewal notice no later than 14 days before your policy expires. If you are invited to renew, you must inform PD Insurance if you don’t want to renew or your policy will automatically roll over.

Consider comparing car insurance policies before simply renewing the same policy, so that you continue to get the cover you need, as well as value for money:

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PD Insurance, previously known as Progressive Insurance, is an online-only insurer specialising in car insurance. It was established over ten years ago in Newcastle, NSW.

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The table below displays a snapshot of comprehensive car insurance policies on our database that at the time of writing offer a no claim bonus that isn’t always impacted by hail and flood damage or theft claims. Please note the results are based on a 30-39 year old male who lives in New South Wales and does not require an extra driver under 25 (with link to provider’s website, ordered by Star Rating), so some products may not be available to you. Remember to read the PDS carefully to understand each insurer’s policy on their no claims bonus.

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This article was reviewed by our Sub-editor Jacqueline Belesky before it was published as part of our fact-checking process.

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Written by: Eliza Parry-Okeden | Last updated: December 4, 2020