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Kogan may be best known as an electronics and household goods retailer, but it’s also a provider of a range of insurance products including car, home and contents, landlords, travel, health, pet and life insurance.

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See below for a snapshot of Kogan’s car insurance products on offer for a 30-39 year old female living in New South Wales who does not require an extra driver under 25. Before committing to a particular car insurance policy, check upfront with your provider and read the PDS to confirm whether it meets your needs.

What types of car insurance does Kogan Insurance offer?

Kogan offers Comprehensive, Pay as You Drive, Third Party, and Third Party Property, Fire and Theft insurance. If you’re unsure as to which kind of car insurance is most appropriate for you, or you’d like more information on the varying levels of cover, here’s our guide to the different kinds of car insurance.

What additional features does Kogan Insurance offer on their car insurance products?

On its Comprehensive, Pay as You Drive and Third Party Property, Fire and Theft policies, Kogan allows you to add excess-free windscreen cover and hire car cover as optional extras. Kogan allows you to add roadside assistance as an extra on all of its car insurance policies.

Kogan offers hire car after theft as a standard feature on its Comprehensive, Pay as You Drive and Third Party Property, Fire and Theft policies.

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Kogan Car Insurance FAQs

The Kogan car insurance PDS says its Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire and Theft policies provide cover against accidental loss or damage due to certain events up to the market or agreed value. According to Kogan, the market value may be subject to a limit.

Consider checking with Kogan and reading the PDS for exact details of what value you would be covered for under Kogan’s various policies and in different situations.

Here’s an article which explains the difference between market and agreed value.

First, consider comparing car insurance policies with Canstar to find a product that suits your needs.

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If you choose to go with Kogan Insurance, you can get a quote on the Kogan Insurance website via the button next to their product details on Canstar’s comparison tables.

Kogan says it allows you to nominate a higher or lower excess. This may affect the cost of your car insurance premiums; a higher excess will typically result in a lower premium, while a lower excess may result in a higher premium.

Kogan says you can increase your excess at any time during your car insurance policy. However, you can only decrease your excess when renewing your policy or during the 14 day cooling off period if you have not made a claim.

You can lodge a claim with Kogan over the phone or online by completing the appropriate claim form.

Kogan says it will normally send you a renewal offer at least 14 days prior to the renewal date of the policy. This will set out information such as the new premium and excess for the new period, information you have already told Kogan and may also include notice of any proposed changes to the terms of the policy. If nothing needs to be disclosed and you are happy with the renewal offer, Kogan will automatically renew your car insurance policy on those terms.

Make sure you consider comparing car insurance policies before simply renewing the same policy.

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Kogan’s portfolio of retail and services businesses includes Kogan Retail, Kogan Marketplace, Kogan Mobile and Kogan Insurance. Kogan Insurance was established in 2017 and includes home, contents, landlord, car and travel insurance. Kogan Insurance is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company.

Written by: Tamika Seeto | Last updated: January 24, 2019