Outstanding Value Car Insurance Revealed for 2018

Canstar has revealed the 2018 Car Insurance Star Ratings, rating 61 policies from 51 insurers across Australia.

Out of the 61 car insurance policies rated by Canstar across 36 driver profiles, 24 received a 5-Star rating for outstanding value in one or more driver profiles. Our star ratings are designed to help consumers create a shortlist of products, with a 5-Star rating indicating a policy offers outstanding value to Australian drivers.

Canstar’s Car Insurance Star Ratings uses a sophisticated and unique ratings methodology that compares premium and excess costs, as well as a set of product features including roadside assistance, repairs, claims processes and excess options, across comprehensive car insurance policies.

The driver profiles Canstar uses in its star ratings are as follows:

  • Under 25-year-old female
  • Under 25-year-old male
  • 25-29-year-old driver
  • 30-49-year-old driver
  • 50+ year-old driver
  • Family with young driver

For more information about the specifics of these driver profiles and how ratings were determined, view the ratings methodology.

National Award Winners

Recognising insurers offering outstanding value when considering overall performance across all profiles and states assessed, Canstar’s three winners of the national award for Outstanding Value Car Insurance in 2018 were Budget Direct, Bingle and CGU (listed alphabetically).


Budget Direct Car Insurance

Outstanding Value Car Insurance Revealed for 2018

Why Budget Direct, Bingle and CGU?

Budget Direct, Bingle and CGU took out the top spots in this year’s award, primarily driven by their competitive pricing – all three offered premiums below the market average throughout Australia.

Each of this year’s national award recipients offered product features including emergency accommodation and repairs, towing and cab fares after an accident and a lifetime guarantee on repairs as standard. Additionally, the winners’ policies covered non-nominated drivers in the event of a claim.

Budget Direct maintained its Outstanding Value car insurance for the twelfth consecutive year, notably being the price leader in 16 out of 36 driver profiles in 2018. Budget Direct performed extremely well in each of the 6 states considered and lead each driver profile in NSW.

This is the second consecutive year Bingle has received the national award, with particularly competitive product offerings in New South Wales (NSW) and Western Australia. Bingle’s below-market average premiums were reflected in the five profiles where their price score lead the market.

CGU’s win came as a result of their competitive performance in each of the six states considered. CGU also offered competitive features, including an accident clean-up benefit, choice to nominate repairer, cover for personal effects, child seats and capsules and a new car in the case of a write off.

If you’re in the market for a new Car Insurance policy, the table below displays a snapshot of policies of recent Canstar national award winners, sorted by provider name (alphabetically).

Click here to compare more policies based on your circumstances.

State Award Winners

The winners of State Awards for overall performance across all profiles for selected states and territories were as follows in 2018:

State Award Company
NSW  Budget Direct: Outstanding Value Car Insurance NSW & VIC & TAS & National Award Winner
QLD  Budget Direct: Outstanding Value Car Insurance NSW & VIC & TAS & National Award Winner
VIC  Budget Direct: Outstanding Value Car Insurance NSW & VIC & TAS & National Award Winner
SA Outstanding Value Award Winner
WA  RAC logo
TAS  Budget Direct: Outstanding Value Car Insurance NSW & VIC & TAS & National Award Winner
Source: www.canstar.com.au

The award winners represent outstanding comprehensive car insurance offerings in each state, and we also have a full list of 5-Star rated car insurance policies offering outstanding value depending on driver profile including age, location and other factors.

You can see the full star ratings to compare 5-Star policies for your own driver profile here:

Compare Car Insurance

For an explanation of how we judge our star ratings and awards, as well as information on the latest trends in car insurance, read our 2018 report:

Car Insurance Award & Star Ratings – Canstar

Customer satisfaction for car insurance claims

Canstar knows there’s more to getting good value car insurance than just cheap premiums and a high level of coverage. That’s why we also research and rate customer satisfaction during and post the claims process in the car insurance star ratings and awards, with customer surveys conducted by Qualtrics.

In 2018, the winner for Canstar’s Outstanding Claims Service Award was Suncorp. This marks the third year they took out this coveted title maintaining their award from 2017.

Suncorp received market-leading reviews for claims service including repairs, transport options and claim lodgement options. For example, Suncorp offers customers the choice to nominate any repairer, a lifetime guarantee on repairs and the use of genuine parts in repairs. Another stand out feature is Suncorp’s no limit on the number of days for the use of rental cars in the event of an accident or theft of insured vehicles.

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