Our Best Car Insurance Policies for New South Wales

Looking for a new car insurance policy? See the top car insurance policies rated by Canstar in New South Wales according to our 2017 Car Insurance Star Ratings.

Not everyone pays the same for car insurance – where you live, your gender and your age can all have a big impact on your premiums. Depending on these factors, it’s likely some policies will offer you better value than others. A policy that offers great value for one person living in one state might offer less value for another person living in a different state.

In our 2017 Car Insurance Star Ratings, we found some car insurance providers offered significantly better value in some states than others.  The tables below showcase the highest rated car insurance policies on Canstar’s database for drivers in New South Wales. If you own a car and live in this state, some of these providers could be well suited to you.

See the best car insurance policies for:

Our best NSW car insurance policies for young drivers

Car insurance can, unfortunately, be more expensive for younger drivers, as statistically, they are in more accidents and make more claims. Once you reach age 25 this changes, but if you’re under this age, it’s important to find a policy that offers good value.

The table below provides a snapshot of the top 5 car insurance policies available for drivers under 25, sorted by star rating (highest to lowest) with no cover for an extra driver under 25.


Our best NSW car insurance policies for 30-49 year olds

While youngsters (and later seniors) pay over the odds for car insurance, people in the middle age brackets have it a bit easier. It’s likely they have plenty of experience behind the wheel, and as a result, insurers are more likely to recognise this and offer lower premiums.

The table below provides a snapshot of the top 5 car insurance policies for drivers aged 30-49, sorted by star rating (highest to lowest) with no cover for an extra driver under 25.

Our best NSW car insurance policies for over 50s

People between the ages of 50 and 59 can enjoy the same benefits as those in their thirties and forties – they can be seen as better drivers by insurers due to their experience on the road.

The table below shows the top 5 car insurance policies for people aged between 50 and 59, sorted by star rating with no cover for an extra driver under 25.


Our best NSW car insurance policies for seniors

Premiums start to rise once you hit 60, as insurers tend to receive more claims from older drivers. This is mainly because the older you get, the more susceptible you are to health problems that could affect your driving, including impaired hearing and vision, slower reaction times, physical problems like arthritis and heart issues, and use of prescription medicines.

There are also a number of restrictions placed on senior drivers that vary depending on where you live. In New South Wales, people aged between 75 and 79 need to complete a medical review every year to keep their licence. When they turn 85 they must also complete a driving assessment every two years, or drive under a restricted licence.

The table below displays the top 5 car insurance policies for people aged 60+, sorted by star rating with no cover for an extra driver under 25.

How much does car insurance cost in New South Wales?

Where you live can also have an impact on how much you pay, not just your age, and residents of New South Wales pay more on average in premiums for their car insurance than any other state.

The table below shows a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for car insurance on average, based on our Car Insurance Research from May 2017.

Car Insurance Premiums 2017 – NSW
Age Average Premiums 2017 ($/year)
Under 25 Female $1,992.87
Under 25 Male $2,217.77
25-29 $1,018.67
30-49 $762.99
Family $2,277.19
Over 50 $653.09
Source: Canstar Research, May 2017

These are the average figures – there’s a high chance you can find a provider that could cover you for less, so make sure you look around!

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance

Like every other state and territory across Australia, New South Wales requires all car owners to have at least the bare minimum level of coverage for CTP insurance. Compulsory Third Party insurance (also known as ‘greenslip’ insurance) covers you for any legal liability brought on by an injury or death as a result of an accident in which you may be responsible. Residents in New South Wales have the option of choosing a provider for CTP insurance, whereas some other states have it included as a part of their registration.

By obtaining cover for third party damage, you are protected from all personal injuries on the road. If you’re not sure about what each of the various types of car insurance covers, then hopefully our table below will clear it up for you:

This is how the coverage varies between different levels:

Type Damage to your car Damage to other people’s property (e.g. other cars) Damage or loss caused by theft of your car Injuries or death to other people in an accident
Compulsory third party Cross Cross Cross icon tick
Third party property Cross icon tick Cross Cross
Third party property, fire and theft Cross icon tick icon tick Cross
Comprehensive icon tick icon tick icon tick Cross

Outstanding Value Car Insurance for New South Wales

One of Canstar’s two National Award Winners for 2017 – Budget Direct – also took out Canstar’s State Award for Outstanding Value Car Insurance in New South Wales, in addition to Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Outstanding Value Car Insurance - NSW

However, there are many more providers of car insurance available in New South Wales – according to Canstar’s database there are more than 40. Look at our car insurance comparison tables to find a provider that might be more suited to your needs:

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