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Youi is an Australian insurance provider, specialising in car and vehicle insurance, home and contents insurance, and small business insurance. We have provided a summary of the car insurance cover available from Youi below.

What types of car insurance does Youi offer?

Youi offers comprehensive cover, third party fire and theft insurance, third party property only, and compulsory third party (CTP) insurance (New South Wales only).
If you’re unsure about which kind of car insurance is most appropriate for you, or you’d like more information on the differences between the different levels of cover, here’s our guide to the different kinds of car insurance.

Below is further information on Youi comprehensive car insurance product.

Youi comprehensive car insurance

Comprehensive is Youi’s highest level of car insurance cover and is designed to protect drivers for the cost of damage caused to their car, as well as to other people’s vehicles and property.

Some of the features offered by Youi’s comprehensive cover at the time of writing are listed below.

  • Roadside assistance included
  • 24/7 claims
  • Flexibility to choose your excess amount
  • Car hire after theft and no-fault accident
  • Cover for accidental and intentional damage, as well as theft
  • Cover for certain weather events and natural disasters, including storm, flood, fire, earthquake
  • Legal liability cover included up to $20 million
  • Towing and personal transport, or emergency accommodation covered following an insured event
  • Contents cover for items inside the car, up to $750 of cover in total, up to $150 per item
  • Counselling services covered up to $1,500 per household member after a claim
  • Funeral services covered, meaning Youi will pay $5,000 to the deceased driver’s estate to cover funeral, burial or cremation
    costs if a driver of your car dies as a result of an accident while driving the car with your permission

In addition, You comprehensive car insurance customers can choose to add on the following optional features at an extra cost:

  • hire car for other insured events not covered as standard
  • cover for business items kept in the locked compartment of the car if they are stolen or damaged as a result of benefit of $1000 per claim
  • campervan/motorhome contents cover
  • choice of repairer

It’s important to note that some exclusions, limitations and other terms and conditions may apply to Youi’s car insurance cover, including to the features mentioned above, so if you are considering taking out a policy, you should read the product disclosure statement (PDS) and target market determination (TMD) carefully to ensure that the cover is suitable for you.

You can use Canstar’s comparison tables to see how Youi’s policy has been rated relative to other providers by Canstar’s expert researchers as part of our most recent Comprehensive Car Insurance Star Ratings.

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Youi car insurance FAQs

How do you buy car insurance from Youi?

First, consider comparing comprehensive car insurance policies among a range of providers with Canstar to see if you can find a product that suits your needs.

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If you choose to go with Youi, you can get a car insurance quote directly through its website or over the phone.

Does Youi let you nominate a higher or lower excess?

Youi offers customers the ability to choose the excess they will pay in the event of a claim when they apply for cover. Remember, generally the higher the excess, the lower the car insurance premiums will be and vice versa.

Youi say its policies have a basic excess for most claims, but it offers policyholders the option to nominate a lower excess for windscreen claims, which may involve the policyholder paying higher premiums. In addition, Youi says that if the car was being driven by someone not listed on the policy at the time of an insured incident, an additional ‘unlisted driver excess’ may apply.

Does Youi let you choose between market and agreed value?

Youi allows policyholders to choose between covering their vehicle for its market value or an agreed value for most claim types. Some exclusions may apply. Check with Youi for details.

If you’re not sure which of these options would be better for your vehicle specifically, here’s an article about market vs agreed value which could help.

How do you renew your car insurance with Youi?

Consider comparing car insurance policies before simply renewing the same policy, to help ensure you can continue to get the cover you need as well as value for money.

Youi says its policies usually renew automatically, but customers can opt out of automatic renewal by calling Youi. Either way, customers will receive a renewal offer about four weeks before their current policy ends. If the customer has remained opted in for automatic renewal, Youi will continue to debit the premium on the renewed policy using the customer’s existing payment details, unless they contact Youi to cancel or change their policy. If a customer has opted out of automatic renewal, they will need to contact Youi to accept the renewal offer.

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Youi Pty Ltd is a general insurance company based in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It underwrites its own policies, including vehicle insurance (car, motorcycle, caravan and trailer), home (buildings and contents), watercraft and small business insurance.
Youi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Youi Holdings Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of OUTsurance International Holdings Pty Limited part of the Rand Merchant Insurance Holdings (RMIH) Group.



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Written by: Sean Callery | Last updated: November 22, 2021