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UniBank is a provider of credit cards, home loans, personal loans, car loans, savings and transaction accounts, life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, and travel money cards. 

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If you’re considering a UniBank credit card, check out what’s available below in our comparison table below, based on a monthly spend of $2,000.

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Types of UniBank credit cards

UniBank has one type of credit card on offer at the time of writing: the UniBank ‘low interest, no annual fee’ credit card.

UniBank Visa Card


  • Card type: Visa
  • Minimum credit limit: $1,000
  • Maximum credit limit: $25,000
  • Interest-free days: Up to 55
  • Contactless: Contactless payments enabled via Visa payWave
  • Digital wallets: Easy payment enabled with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay digital wallets
  • Security: Multiple layers of security, including transaction monitoring, encryption and daily transaction limits
  • Card replacement: 24/7 hotline for lost and stolen cards
  • Other benefits: $0 annual fee and $0 application fee at the time of writing

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Eligibility to apply for UniBank credit cards

In order to qualify for a UniBank credit card, you must be over 18 years of age and must be either:

  • A member of UniBank member, or
  • Eligible to become a member of UniBank

To be eligible to become a member of UniBank, you must be:

  • Current or retired employee, student, graduate, or post-graduate of an Australian University, or a family member of members (i.e. shareholders) of the Bank
  • Pay $10 to become a shareholder of the Bank
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Over 18 years old

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How to apply for a UniBank credit card

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, you can apply for a UniBank credit card by comparing credit cards on the Canstar website and applying online for the card of your choice on the UniBank website. You will need the usual documentation to apply for a credit card, including:

  1. Your employment details
  2. Your annual income
  3. Your usual living expenses
  4. Details about assets you own such as a home, car, other belongings, or savings
  5. Any debts you currently owe on other credit cards, loans, or overdrafts

Read our checklist on applying for a credit card for a more detailed explanation of how the process works.

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UniBank credit card FAQs

You will have to activate the card when it arrives before you are able to use that card. Activate the card using the mobile banking app or online banking, or by contacting UniBank on 1800 864 864.

The mobile banking app and online banking portal with UniBank both allow you to access your credit card account online. Using online banking, you can view your statements and transaction history online, get SMS alerts for when you’ve spent too much, activate and deactivate cards, and more.

Thanks to advanced security features, your online information is protected by UniBank.

When interest is charged

UniBank calculates interest daily, and it is charged when you carry a balance on your UniBank credit card. Interest is charged on cash advances from the date that each advance first appears on your statement.

When interest is not charged

Up to 55 interest-free days apply with UniBank’s credit card. The interest-free period for purchases starts on the date the purchase first appeared on your statement and applies if you have paid the balance in full for the previous month’s statement and the current month’s statement.

For more information about interest-free days, check out our article on how they work.

The credit limit on your UniBank credit card will be determined based on the information you provide in your application, within the minimum and maximum credit limits (see above).

You can increase your credit limit at any time by filling out a Credit Card Limit Increase application form, and UniBank may accept or reject your request at their discretion, based on their lending criteria. Find out more about how credit limits are determined here

You can close your UniBank credit card account at any time by contacting UniBank on 1800 864 864, or by visiting a branch. After cancelling a card, you will still be liable any outstanding balance you still have, and it will need to be paid off in full. You will continue to receive monthly statements until your card balance is fully repaid.

If your reason for cancelling is that you’re experiencing financial hardship, contact the UniBank financial hardship team to get help with managing your debts and find potential solutions.

If you’re cancelling your credit card because you aren’t happy with it, then consider checking out what else is on the market by clicking the button below to compare credit cards using the Canstar website:

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UniBank was initially founded in 1964 as the University Staff Credit Society Limited, and it has been serving university staff, students, and graduates in Australia ever since. As a mutual bank and a member of the Customer Owned Banking Association (COBA), UniBank’s goal is to improve the financial wellbeing of its members and their families.

With roots in the education sector, UniBank is dedicated to creating a brighter future for students and teachers, through initiatives in conjunction with its parent company, Teachers Mutual Bank, such as:

  • Future Teacher Scholarships – offers $5,000 in financial assistance to eight university students becoming teachers each year
  • Teachers Mutual Bank Harvard Scholarship – gives one Principal from a government-funded school the opportunity to learn at the Harvard School of Education in America
  • Premier’s Teachers Mutual Bank New and Emerging Technologies Scholarship – gives all NSW teachers the opportunity to undertake a scholarship to learn more about new technologies in education
  • Sponsors and supports over 100 teacher development conferences nationwide

UniBank’s sustainability initiatives include using environmentally-friendly practices in its everyday business and reducing its carbon emissions. You can learn more about UniBank’s sustainability practices here.

Showing Rewards products in Canstar’s database with links to lenders’ websites. The display is sorted by purchase rate (lowest to highest) for credit cards that offer signup bonuses to consumers for a spend of $5,000 per month.

Table only displays five products. Click here to see more. Be sure to read the full terms and conditions of each deal before signing up.

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