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Macquarie Credit Union (MCU) is a provider of financial services based in country New South Wales. MCU provides loans, bank accounts, insurance, advice and credit cards.

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If you’re considerimacquarie credit unionng a credit card from Macquarie Credit Union, check out what’s on offer in our comparison table below, for a monthly  spend of $5,000:


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Types of Macquarie Credit Union credit cards 

Macquarie Credit Union provides just one type of credit card product: the Visa Credit Card. This ‘no fuss’ Visa card provides low fees and a low introductory rate for the first six months, although this is offset by a lack of rewards points for transactions. 

  • Variable interest rate: 6.95% for the first six months, 13.54% thereafter; 13.99% overdraft 
  • Annual fees: $15 
  • Interest-free period: Up to 55 days 
  • Minimum credit limit: $1,000 
  • Maximum credit limit: $10,000 (subject to your ability to repay) 
  • Contactless payments: Visa PayWave 
  • Online banking: Yes, using Macquarie Internet Banking 


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Eligibility to apply for Macquarie Credit Union credit cards 

You must be a member of Macquarie Credit Union in order to apply for its credit card products, since members of a credit union are also shareholders. Membership of MCU is restricted to local employees (and their families) of: 

  • Essential Energy 
  • Auscott Ltd 
  • Any local, state or federal government department residing in NSW or ACT 
  • Telstra or Aus Post residing in NSW or ACT 
  • MCU itself 

The credit union also serves any resident of the local government areas of Dubbo, Narromine, Gilgandra, Warren, Cobar, Coonamble and Nyngan. 


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How to apply for a Macquarie Credit Union credit card 

As stated above, there are several restrictions on membership for Macquarie Credit Union due to the company’s local focus and customer-owned structure. However, if you are a member, applying for a Visa Credit Card is fairly straightforward. You can apply in several ways: 

  • Print out and fill in a physical form 
  • Call MCU on 1300 885 480 
  • Visit a branch in person to talk to a specialist 


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Macquarie Credit Union credit card FAQs

You can activate your Visa Credit Card by simply logging in to MCU internet banking and following the prompts. 

Macquarie Credit Union’s Internet Banking allows you access to a number of credit card services, including viewing your balance, interest payments and transaction history. You can also make balance transfers within your membership or make external funds transfers to payees. 


Interest is calculated daily on the outstanding balance of your card (i.e. how much money you owe), and this is added to a total that you pay monthly when your statement arrives. 

You can close your Visa Credit Card account with Macquarie by calling it on 1300 885 480, where a customer banking specialist will help you close your account. Just remember, you’ll have to pay off any outstanding debt in full before you close your credit card account. 

Macquarie Credit Union was founded back in 1964 by a group of electricity workers from Macquarie County Council. Founded as a credit union by government workers, for government workers, MCU has continued this purpose for more than five decades.  

MCU completed several mergers with other local credit unions over the next twenty years, while also expanding membership criteria to allow other council and health employees to join. The biggest expansion occurred in 2016 when the credit union changed its constitution to allow any resident from nearby government areas to become a member. 

MCU’s member-owned structure means all of its profits are channelled back into the credit union to provide better products, better service and more capability to serve new members. MCU prides itself on award-winning products and services, with competitive rates on both loan and deposit products.  

The credit union’s local nature means staff members pride themselves on providing real, caring service, and the unions adherence to the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice means it will always serve its members first. 


Written by: Sam Bloom | Last updated: October 24, 2017