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As of November 2020, Skye Mastercards have been rebranded and are now humm90 Mastercards. A humm90 Mastercard is a credit card that gives you longer interest-free periods for shopping with retail partners and allows you to set up interest-free payment plans for larger transactions, among other things.

What credit cards does humm90 offer?

We have summarised below some of key features of the humm90 Mastercard, according to information available on the humm90 website at the time of writing.

humm90 Mastercard


  • Card type: Mastercard
  • Minimum credit limit: $1,000
  • Annual fee: $99
  • Purchase rate: 23.99% p.a. on card purchases and BPAY payments
  • Interest-free period: Up to 110 days on card transactions and BPAY payments if you meet the criteria. humm90 says eligible customers can obtain a longer interest-free period of up to 60 months on purchases from one of its retail partners.
  • Cash advance rate: 25.99% p.a., plus a cash advance fee (at the time of writing, this is $3 or 3% of the cash advance amount, whichever is higher).
  • Minimum repayments: Either $30 or 3% of the closing balance, whichever is higher
  • Late repayment fee: $35
  • Contactless payments: Contactless payments for purchases up to $100. humm90 Mastercards can also be added to your digital wallet for transactions using Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Security: humm90 uses fraud detection systems as well Mastercard SecureCode and Mastercard Zero Liability for added protection.
  • humm90wrap: Purchases of $250 or more can be converted to a 9, 12 or 15-month interest free instalment plan. These plans can be established for an establishment fee, which will vary depending on the length of the plan you choose. At the time of writing, the establishment fee is 3% of the total amount payable on the card for a 9-month plan, 4% for a 12-month plan and 5% for a 15-month plan.

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humm90 credit cards FAQ

To be eligible to apply for a humm90 Mastercard, you need to be 18 years old or over and an Australian citizen or permanent Australian resident. You also need to be earning a minimum of $25,000 per year and have a clear credit file.

Other criteria may also apply, so contact humm90 for more information if you are unsure.

Before applying, consider the humm90 eligibility criteria, plus whether a credit card is generally suitable for your needs. You can also compare a wide range of credit cards using Canstar’s comparison tables.

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If you do choose to commit and you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for a humm90 credit card online through the humm90 website. You will be required to provide an email address, a mobile phone number and either an Australian driver’s licence or Australian passport. Other information you may need on hand includes your personal details, employment details, assets, liabilities and living expenses.

You will have to activate your humm90 credit card when it arrives before you can use it. humm90 says you can activate your card online, via humm90 Mastercard app, or over the phone.

You can manage your humm90 Mastercard through online banking or via the humm90 app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices. humm90 says the app can be used to check your transaction history and account balances, transfer money and manage your card, among other things.

When interest is charged:

Interest is charged when you carry a balance on your humm90 credit card. Interest is charged on cash advances daily from the date the transaction is made until the date the transaction is paid in full.

When interest is not charged:

At the time of writing, there is an interest-free period of up to 110 days if you meet the interest-free criteria. Interest-free days only apply if you have paid the balance in full for the previous month’s statement and for the current month’s statement (the statement on which the purchases are listed). There is no interest-free period for cash advances. humm90 says a longer interest-free period may apply to eligible purchases from its “selected retail partners”, so long as the customer meets the criteria.

Your credit limit for a humm90 Mastercard will be determined based on the information you provide in your application, keeping in mind that the minimum credit limit is $1,000 and the maximum is $50,000 at the time of writing.

humm90 says you can ask it to increase or reduce your credit limit at any time over the phone, online or by contacting humm90 in writing. humm90 may also reduce your credit at any time without notice, however humm90 says that it will advise you of this as soon as practicable. humm90 says your eligibility for credit or a particular credit limit will be subject to its lending criteria and a credit assessment.

You can request to close your humm90 credit card account online, in writing or over the phone. If an outstanding balance remains, your account will not be closed until you have paid off the balance plus any interest, fees and other charges.

If you are closing your humm90 credit card because you’re not satisfied with it, consider your other options when it comes to credit cards:

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humm90 Mastercards are a product of Australasian fintech company flexigroup. Formerly known as Skye Mastercard, humm90 Mastercards were rebranded in November 2020 to align with a company plan to unify all its products under the humm brand. Since its establishment in 1991, flexigroup has developed a number of digital spending products and platforms throughout Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

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Written by: Eliza Parry-Okeden | Last updated: November 16, 2020