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Australian Military Bank is a provider of credit cards, home loans, personal loans, bank accounts, term deposits, home insurance, car insurance, superannuation, barracks insurance, and investment products exclusively to defence personnel.

“Australia’s longest serving Defence related financial institution.” (Australian Military Bank)

About Australian Military Bank

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If you’re considering getting a credit card from the Australian Military Bank, check out our comparison table below to see what’s available for Low Rate credit cards, based on a monthly spend of $2,000.

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Types of Australian Military Bank credit cards

At the time of writing, Australian Military Bank has one credit card on offer – its Low Rate Visa Credit Card. We explain the features and benefits of this card below.

The inclusions mentioned represent a selection of what is covered at the time of writing. Additional terms and conditions may apply to different features. Additional fees may apply to the product. Canstar is not making any suggestion or recommendation to you about this product. Please ensure that you read the product disclosure statement to determine all the current options and inclusions for the product you are considering.

Australian Military Bank Low Rate Visa Credit Card

Australian Military Bank Low Rate Visa Credit Card


  • Card type: Visa
  • Minimum credit limit: $1,000
  • Maximum credit limit: $40,000
  • Contactless: Visa payWave for contactless purchases
  • Interest-free days: Up to 55 days interest-free
  • Security: Security measures include microchip in card and free fraud protection
  • Online banking: Mobile banking and payments app available on Android and Apple smartphones
  • Assistance: 24-hour lost card hotline

If you’re looking for a low rate credit card, then take a look at what’s available in the table below, based on a monthly spend of $2,000.

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Eligibility to apply for an Australian Military Bank credit card

To be eligible for Australian Military Bank’s low rate credit card, it requires that you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia
  • Are currently employed or receive a regular income
  • Have not declared bankruptcy, insolvency, or had any defaults on loans in the last 5 years

Australian Military Bank is open to the public, so you don’t have to be a member of the armed forces or navy in order to apply.

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How to apply for an Australian Military Bank credit card

If you meet all of the above criteria, then you can proceed by clicking the ‘apply now’ button on the Australian Military Bank website. You will need the usual documentation to apply for a credit card, including:

  1. Your employment details
  2. Your annual income
  3. Your usual living expenses
  4. Details about assets you own such as a home, car, other belongings, or savings
  5. Any debts you currently owe on other credit cards, loans, or overdrafts

When you begin the application, you will be given a reference number that you’ll need for later on in the process. Your details will be sent securely to a member of its online service team. If you want to complete your application at a later date, you can save your progress at any time.

If you don’t want to apply online, then you can either call the Australian Military Bank on 1300 13 23 28 (open Mon-Sat), or you can visit the nearest branch to speak to someone in person.

Be sure to compare credit cards using the Canstar website before you apply for a card:

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Australian Military Bank credit card FAQs

You will need to activate your card when it arrives before you can use it. You can do this on the website through the application process, by calling the number on the back of the card, or with the mobile banking app.

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You can manage your Australian Military Bank credit card using online banking or their mobile app. You will need a registered member number and an access code.

Use online banking or mobile banking to do things like activate your card, view your recent transaction history, view your balance, and more.

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When interest is charged

Interest is charged when you carry a balance on your Australian Military Bank credit card, unless you repay the full balance within the specified period. The amount of interest that you’re charged depends on:

  • The interest rate on your credit card
  • The amount you spent and when you spent it
  • When you pay your credit card bill

The cash advance interest rate is charged on cash advances from the date of withdrawal. Any balance transfer amount will be charged the balance transfer rate until the promotional period ends, at which point the amount will be charged the applicable interest rate.

When interest is not charged

Up to 55 interest-free days apply to Australian Military Bank’s Low Rate Visa card, and these interest-free days apply when you have paid the balance in full for the previous month as well as the current month’s statement.

Interest is not charged on interest-free days. Interest-free days refer to the time from when you buy something with your card to when interest is applied. To make the most of these interest-free days, cardholders can make a purchase the day a new payment period begins and pay it off as soon as possible before the due date comes. For more information, read this article:

Your credit limit on an Australian Military Bank credit card will be determined by the information you provided during your application; it is the amount you have been approved to spend on your credit card. You can apply to have your credit limit changed by calling Australian Military Bank on 1300 13 23 28.

Find out more about how credit limits are determined here.

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You can close your Australian Military Bank credit card at any time by contacting them on 1300 13 23 28. Your card balance will need to be repaid in full even after the card is closed, and you will continue to receive monthly statements until your card balance is fully repaid.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, contact the Australian Military Bank Hardship Assistance team on 1800 855 810 to get help in making repayments.

If you’re cancelling your credit card because you aren’t happy with it, then consider checking out what else is on the market by clicking the button below to compare credit cards using the Canstar website:

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Australian Military Bank – formerly known as the Australian Defence Credit Union (ADCU) and other names over the years – was founded as the Navy Co-op Ltd in 1959. It aims to help Australian Defence personnel and their families make the most of their money, but it is also open to the general public to join.

Since its inception, Australian Military Bank has grown to have over 50,000 members, with over $1.1 billion in funds under management, more than 30 physical branches across Australia, and 3,400 ATMs.

As well as offering value in home loans, car loans, and savings accounts, Australian Military Bank’s Low Rate Visa credit card has a history of winning industry recognition. Its accomplishments include being awarded a 5-star rating for outstanding value from Canstar in 2016 and 2014.

Australian Military Bank is active in the Defence Force community, offering jobs in banking to members of the local Defence community, and having branches in major Defence bases across Australia.

It gives approximately $200,000 a year in sponsorships and donations to initiatives including:

  • The Long Ride
  • The Australian Military Bank and White Ribbon Annual Charity Golf Day
  • Yungaburra Soldier On Triathlon
  • Soldier Recovery Centre, Gallipoli Barracks
  • Albany Anzac Commemoration Event

To keep up-to-date with Australian Military Bank, Like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.

Source: Australian Military Bank

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Written by: William Jolly | Last updated: July 13, 2017