Outstanding Value Business Credit Cards - Winners Announced

13 July 2016
CANSTAR has released the latest Business Credit Cards Star Ratings research, rating 42 credit cards across 16 institutions.

This week, Australians finally discovered the winner of the 2016 Federal Election, with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten calling Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday to concede defeat. Somewhat fittingly, CANSTAR has a winners’ announcement of our own this week – unveiling the latest batch of star ratings for business credit cards. Out of the 42 different business credit cards rated, nine achieved a 5-star-rating in at least one category.

How did we pick the winners?


Business credit cards were assessed on price and value by analysing an array of characteristics such as:

  • Annual Fees
  • Interest charges on revolving debt
  • Reward return
  • Free Extras 
  • Business specific conditions (e.g. Max number of cards, GST statement etc.)
  • Card terms (e.g. Min repayments, introductory rates etc.)
  • Additional fees and charges (e.g. Overdrawn, late fees etc.)
  • Interest charging (e.g. grace period, date interest is calculated from etc.)
  • Repayment capabilities
  • Online Transaction Security
  • Merchant Acceptability
  • Airline Lounge Access
  • Premium card facilities
  • Interest free days
  • Reward choices and conditions

As we know, business credit cards are not one-size-fits-all, so our research team assessed cards under 3 different profiles. These are:

  • Low Rate: For businesses seeking a credit card with a low interest rate and flexible repayment conditions.
  • Rewards: For businesses seeking a credit or charge card that gives them the optimal return on their everyday spending.
  • Frequent Flyer: For businesses seeking a credit card or charge card that will allow them to redeem points for flights.

Of course, some businesses spend far more than others each year, so the research team took that into account by further narrowing the Rewards and Frequent Flyer profiles with different spending categories.

For more information on how we do our ratings and judge our awards, read our methodology here (PDF).

Business Credit Cards Star Ratings Categories


All up, there are 9 different categories of our star ratings for business credit cards. These are:

  1. Low Rate
  2. Rewards ($36,000 Annual Spend)
  3. Rewards ($60,000 Annual Spend)
  4. Rewards ($120,000 Annual Spend)
  5. Rewards ($250,000 Annual Spend)
  6. Frequent Flyer ($36,000 Annual Spend)
  7. Frequent Flyer ($60,000 Annual Spend)
  8. Frequent Flyer ($120,000 Annual Spend)
  9. Frequent Flyer ($250,000 Annual Spend)

2016 Outstanding Value Winners (5 Stars) – Business Credit Cards

In alphabetical order, listed below are the 9 outstanding value business credit cards and the categories they achieved 5-stars in:

American Express – Business Card


Bank of Melbourne – BusinessVantage Visa


BankSA – Visa Business


Coastline Credit Union – Visa Business Rewarder


Commonwealth Bank – Business Platinum Awards


Newcastle Permanent – Business+ Credit Card


St George Bank – BusinessVantage Visa


Westpac – Altitude Business Platinum


Westpac – Altitude Business Gold


For more information on how we do our ratings and judge our awards, read our methodology here (PDF).

For the full star ratings, check out our interactive comparison table.

CANSTAR’s star ratings awarded in July 2016 based on product features at that date; product features, rates and fees displayed here may be different to what was rated. Please see our detailed rating methodology here. Ratings are only one factor to be taken into account. Not all product providers are included in the comparison. The products may not compare all features relevant to you. CANSTAR is not providing a recommendation for your individual circumstances. Reference to any products or services by trade name, trademark or otherwise does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of CANSTAR by the respective trademark owner. Consider whether this general financial advice is right for your personal circumstances. You may need financial adviser from a qualified adviser. Read our detailed disclosure here. CANSTAR is not a credit provider and is not suggesting or recommending a particular product. Read our detailed disclosure

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