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Online retailer Kogan.com has launched its first credit card called the Kogan Money Black Card. Kogan also offers home loans, superannuation funds, and a range of insurance products including car insurance, home and contents insurance, travel insurance and life insurance. 

What types of credit cards does Kogan offer? 

At the time of writing the Kogan Money Black Card is the only Kogan Money credit card available. The card, which is issued by Citi, offers the following features:

Kogan Money Black Card

  • Card type: Visa Card 
  • Annual fee: There is no annual fee, at the time of writing
  • Minimum credit limit: $6,000
  • Interest-free period: Up to 55 days for retail purchases, there are no interest free days available on cash advances or balance transfers
  • Minimum income required for eligibility: $35,000 p.a.
  • Security: Kogan states that your Kogan Money Black Card is protected using ‘fraudshield’ technology, in addition to Visa Zero Liability security.
  • Rewards points: According to Kogan, every Australian dollar spent on eligible everyday purchases, either on Kogan.com or elsewhere, earns one reward point. Every dollar spent at Kogan.com on Kogan exclusive brands earns two rewards points. Rewards points may be redeemed via selected purchases on Kogan.com only. If you’d like to know more about credit card rewards schemes and the value that they may offer Australian consumers, Canstar has looked at rewards versus fees across the market as part of its April 2019 Credit Card Star Ratings.
  • Complimentary Kogan First Membership: A Kogan First membership, which is currently valued at $99 per year, is linked to the primary cardholder’s Kogan.com account. If you do not have an account, one will be set up for you when your credit card application is approved. According to the Kogan the membership provides free delivery on eligible Kogan.com purchases, free upgrades to express shipping, priority customer service and access to exclusive offers on Kogan.com products.

As a bonus launch offer, Kogan.com says it is offering $300 Kogan.com credit if you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of your credit card approval. To be eligible, you must apply for a Kogan credit card by the 30th of November 2019.

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Kogan Money Credit Cards FAQs

To apply for one of its Black Card credit cards, Kogan Money says you must be able to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Earn a minimum of $35,000 a year
  • Be at least 18 years old and a permanent Australian resident
  • Have a valid Australian email address and mobile number

All applications are subject to a credit criteria and Citi, the card issuer, will obtain a copy of your credit report from one or more credit reporting bodies after you have applied.

For more information about eligibility requirements, visit the Kogan website, submit an online enquiry or contact Kogan through the Kogan Money Credit Card mobile app available on the App Store or Google Play.

If you satisfy all of the above criteria, then you can apply for a Kogan Money credit card by submitting an online application through the Kogan Money website. Kogan advises that the process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. You may need to have your ID and income details handy to make an application.

If your application is approved and you are issued with a Kogan Money Black  Card, you’ll need to activate it before you are able to make purchases with it or have access to the rewards. 

If you do not already have a Kogan.com account, one will be set up for you upon approval of your credit card application. You will then receive an email requesting that you activate your account and agree to the Kogan.com terms and conditions.

For more information, visit the Kogan Money website or submit an online enquiry.

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You can manage your Kogan Money credit card through online banking using Kogan Money’s online portal or via the Kogan Money Credit Card mobile app which is available on both the App Store and Google Play. 

When interest is charged

Interest is charged on all purchases made outside of the interest-free period. Interest is charged monthly at the end of each statement period and is calculated according to the balance type of your account. 

When interest is not charged

An interest free period of up to 55 days may apply to retail purchases, at the time of writing. The interest free period commences on the day your account opens and continues until you fail to make a payment by the due date. 

Terms and conditions apply. For more information, visit the Kogan Money website or submit an online enquiry.

At the time of writing, the minimum credit limit on Kogan Money Credit Cards is $6,000 and the maximum credit limit can be reduced at any time, either by you or Kogan Money. Daily or weekly maximum limits may also be applied for general spending or depending on the type of transaction.

According to the Kogan website, you may close your account or cancel any payment facility at any time by contacting Kogan Money. The request will be processed once the balance of your account is zero and Kogan Money will stop any future transactions and close the account.

If your account balance is not zero, Kogan Money says it requires that you pay the outstanding balance after the last transaction and cancel all recurring card instructions before the account is closed.

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Kogan Money is a financial services provider and is part of the Kogan.com portfolio. 

Kogan.com is an Australian online retailer which was founded in 2006 by the current CEO Ruslan Kogan. Other Kogan retail and services businesses include Kogan Mobile, Kogan Insurance, Kogan Super, Kogan Internet and more.

Kogan has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 2016.

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Written by: Eliza Parry-Okeden | Last updated: October 4, 2019