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AAMI is a provider of home insurance, landlord insurance, renters insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, income protection insurance and business insurance.

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What do AAMI Home and Contents Insurance policies cover?

Home Building Insurance

  • Covers you for damage or loss to your home, garage or shed caused by fire, break-in or extreme weather
  • Optional flood cover
  • Provides you with temporary accommodation if needed
  • Repairs up to either the sum insured (a.k.a. agreed value) or complete replacement

Contents Insurance

  • Damage or loss to the contents of your home caused by fire, break-in or extreme weather
  • Like-for-like replacement of covered items
  • Option to specify higher values for expensive or treasured items
  • Optional portable values cover to insure you against loss or damage of items outside your home

Home and Contents Insurance

  • All of the above benefits of both Home Building Insurance and Contents Insurance in a combined package

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Here’s a snapshot of AAMI home and contents insurance for cost to replace building and contents of below $550K in NSW. To compare other home and contents insurance policies, click here.

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AAMI Home Insurance FAQS

Building insurance covers any part of your house that is permanently fixed and not intended to move, such as your walls and roof, and even the light on your front porch. Contents insurance covers all the items within your house that are not permanent fixtures, i.e. you could move them between houses. Find out more about home and contents insurance here.

As a renter, you don’t need home insurance because your landlord should have insurance for the building you live in, and if you live in a unit/apartment or townhouse, the body corporate is legally required to have building insurance for the building. But you should certainly get contents insurance to protect your own possessions. AAMI offers specialised renters insurance policies.

For landlords, a better option than home insurance is landlord insurance. Landlord insurance covers you for the same things as a home insurance policy, but with several important additions to cover you against risks from your tenants.

Depending on your choice of cover, AAMI Landlord Insurance may cover repairs for damage caused by your tenants, or your legal fees if you need to sue tenants who are not paying rent. Compare landlord insurance here:

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If you have a recent and accurate estimate for the value of your home and contents, then it’s often a good idea to insure up to that particular sum to get your exact money’s worth.

If you don’t have an accurate idea of the above value, then you could insure for a complete replacement to give yourself peace of mind. Find out how much home insurance you need and how much contents insurance you need.

AAMI prides itself on its home insurance claims process. You can make a claim in several ways: by using the dedicated mobile app, filling in a form online, calling AAMI’s phone hotline or contacting it via post.

The mobile app allows you to record details of damage at the scene, take photos and upload them, and receive an instant claim number along with claim-tracking functionality. The online portal is a similarly quick process that takes roughly 10 minutes, after which an AAMI representative will call you to discuss the details.

Both digital avenues are available 24/7, and after your initial claim, you will be contacted by a dedicated AAMI Client Manager who will help you through every necessary detail. This includes all quotes, materials sourcing and legislative requirements needed to make repairs to your home, as well as helping you source replacement items if your contents have been lost or damaged.

Different insurers have different claims processes, so make sure to compare different home insurance claim apps that will make your life easier.

Founded in 1969, AAMI is one of Australia’s oldest and largest insurance providers. AAMI is the trusted insurer of around 800,000 Australian homes.

At its founding, AAMI pledged to provide a real person to answer every quote or claims phone call, and it still does today. Its customer service team is available 24/7 with no push-button menus or voice recordings. AAMI proudly advertises that it regularly receives customer satisfaction ratings of 90% for its call centre, with 80% of claims customers saying they’d recommend AAMI to their friends and family.

The original ‘AAMI Girl’ was the Swedish model Carin Sinfors, who first appeared in an ad on TV for AAMI back in 1979. AAMI’s slogan, “Lucky you’re with AAMI”, was first introduced in 1985 – over 30 years ago!

AAMI has long been famous for its hilarious TV ads, including this one from the 1990s. But for many Aussies, the most memorable campaign would be the unlikely romance between Rhonda and Ketut, which blossomed over a saga of multiple advertisements.


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AAMI supports the community through several partnerships with local events and businesses. AAMI has been a partner of the Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) since 2002, having contributed over $4.5 million towards equipment and tools to support their brave rescue work as of 2014.

The company also funds the ‘Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth’ (P.A.R.T.Y) education program in three different hospitals nationwide, which has educated over 6,000 teenagers since 2008. AAMI’s best-known initiative is the AAMI Skilled Drivers course, which has taught safe driving techniques to over 85,000 young drivers since 1982.

AAMI also supports local business and training through industry partnerships. Since 2004, the AAMI Apprentice Support Program has been contributing roughly $1 million per year to help auto repairers recruit and train capable apprentices – particularly youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds. AAMI also provides up to $40,000 in TAFE Grants each year to keep students equipped with the latest technology, an initiative that has been in place since 1999.

The table below displays a snapshot of five home and contents products on Canstar’s database with direct links to the providers’ websites, sorted by Star Rating (highest to lowest). These results are based on a policy holder under 50 years old in New South Wales and ACT for building and contents worth less than $550,000.

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Written by: TJ Ryan | Last updated: November 24, 2017

CANSTAR is an information provider and in giving you product information CANSTAR is not making any suggestion or recommendation about a particular insurance product. If you decided to apply for a home insurance, you will deal directly with an insurance provider, and not with CANSTAR. Rates and product information should be confirmed with the relevant insurance provider. For more information, read our detailed disclosure, important notes and additional information.

The inclusions mentioned represent a selection of what is covered at the time of writing. Additional terms and conditions may apply to different features. Additional fees may apply to the product. CANSTAR is not making any suggestion or recommendation to you about this product. Please ensure that you read the product disclosure statement to determine all the current options and inclusions for the product you are considering.

Important Notes: The Star Ratings in this table were awarded in September 2016. The search results do not include all providers and may not compare all features relevant to you. View the CANSTAR Home and Contents Insurance Star Ratings Methodology and Report. The rating shown is only one factor to take into account when considering products.