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Australia Post is a provider of home insurance, landlord insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and pet insurance.

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See below for a snapshot of Australia Post’s home and contents insurance products on offer for a home owner under 50 living in New South Wales to replace building and contents worth less than $550,000.

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What do Australia Post Home and Contents insurance policies cover?

Australia Post offers a 30% discount on a new Home and Contents Insurance policy when you buy online. It also offers a 24/7 claims helpline and an online claims service for a wide range of covered events. An automatic sum-insured adjustment at renewal is included, while there is also a 21-day money back guarantee on your premium if you cancel your policy without making a claim.

Home and Contents Insurance

Home and Contents Insurance covers you for the cost to repair, rebuild or replace your home and contents if they are lost, damaged or destroyed by fire, theft and bad weather, among other events. Australia Post will also offer a 30% discount when you sign up to the comprehensive cover online.

Home Building Insurance

Australia Post Home insurance only offers the one standalone policy for Home Insurance. It also offers a 15% discount when you sign up to a Home Insurance policy online.  It will cover you for:

  • Up to $20 million legal liability cover
  • Home cover around your property – includes garages, verandas, fences, in-ground swimming pools and more.
  • A wide range of insurance events – theft, rainwater, storm, fire and more.
  • Accidental breakage – includes glass or ceramic fixtures like basins, baths and toilets.
  • Temporary accommodation – Australia Post will contribute to costs of temporary relocation
  • Debris removal
  • Rebuilding
  • Rental income cover – support for landlords while their investment property is out of use
  • Explosion Cover
  • Funeral expenses
  • Mortgage discharge costs

Australia Post’s intensive risk assessment also means lower premiums for low-risk customers.

Contents Insurance

Australia Post Contents Insurance only offers the one policy option to choose from. It also offers a 15% discount when you sign up to a Contents Insurance policy online. It will cover you for:

  • Contents including – furniture, clothing, carpets, blinds, tools, fittings, electrical appliances, above-ground swimming pools and more.
  • A wide range of insured events – theft, rainwater, storm, fire and more.
  • Accidental breakage – including basins, baths and toilets.
  • Cover for moving house – your belongings are covered while in transit
  • Open air contents coverage – contents in the open at the insured address
  • Credit Card cover – up to $1000
  • Uninsured guests’ contents – cover up to $500
  • Replacement of Locks – up to $500
  • Funeral Expenses

Optional Features

Australia Post Insurance offers a number of optional cover policies for those that wish to personalise their cover. These options are not all available across individual Home or Contents Insurance policies, but are available in the comprehensive Home and Contents Insurance package. They include:

  • Personal Effects Cover
  • Motor Burnout Cover
  • Accidental Damage Cover
  • Choice of excess options
  • Sum Insured Safeguard

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Australia Post FAQs

Building insurance covers any part of your house that is permanently fixed and not intended to move, such as your walls and roof, and even the light on your front porch. Contents insurance covers all the items within your house that are not permanent fixtures, i.e. you could move them between houses. Find out more about home and contents insurance here.

As a renter, you don’t need home insurance because your landlord should have insurance for the building you live in, and if you live in a unit/apartment or townhouse, the body corporate is legally required to have building insurance for the building. Australia Post offers a Renters Contents Insurance policy option, which is an easy way to protect your belongings when renting. Australia Post offers this policy, while many providers offer specialised renters’ insurance policies.

For landlords, a better option than home insurance is landlord insurance. Landlord insurance covers you for the same things as a home insurance policy, but with several important additions to cover you against risks from your tenants. Depending on your choice of cover, Australia Post landlord insurance may cover repairs for damage caused by your tenants, or your legal fees if you need to sue tenants who are not paying rent. Compare landlord insurance here:

Compare Landlord Insurance

If you have a recent and accurate estimate for the value of your home and contents, then it’s often a good idea to insure up to that particular sum to get your exact money’s worth. If you don’t have an accurate idea of the above value, then you could insure for complete replacement to give yourself peace of mind. Find out how much home insurance you need and how much contents insurance you need.

You can claim with Australia Post either online or by phone. Australia Post is available 24/7 on 13 76 78.

Founded in 1809, Australia’s postal service was created by former convict Isaac Nichols, who was appointed to take charge of all mail arriving into the young Colony of New South Wales. He ran our first Post Office out of his home on George Street in Sydney. He would list the names of people who had received mail in The Sydney Gazette, and the person picking up their mail paid with a shilling per letter, or more for parcels. Certain members of the upper class had their mail hand-delivered personally by Nichols.

Today, Australia Post employs people from 137 different countries, speaking 65 different languages. Australia Post is keen for people with a disability to lead fulfilling lives, so 6.9% of its employees have a disability of some kind. As for gender equality, Australia Post’s executive workforce is 34% women.

Australia Post’s distinctive “P” logo was introduced in 1975.

Did you know? Australia Post is completely self-funded and doesn’t take any money from taxpayers, despite being a government-owned company.


The table below displays a snapshot of five home and contents products on Canstar’s database with direct links to the providers’ websites, sorted by Star Rating (highest to lowest). These results are based on a policy holder under 50 years old in New South Wales and ACT for building and contents worth less than $550,000.

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