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Shannons is a provider of comprehensive car insurance to car-enthusiasts around Australia, as well as bike insurance and home insurance.

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See below for a snapshot of Shannons’s home & contents insurance products on offer for a home owner under 50 living in New South Wales to replace building and contents worth less than $550,000.


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What do Shannons home and contents insurance policies cover?

Shannons offers both home insurance and contents insurance as well as combined home & contents insurance policy. These policies also have the option to include accidental damage insurance, which extends the cover to the accidental breakage or loss of insured enthusiast items.

Home building insurance

Under this policy from Shannons, you are covered for:

  • A variety of insured events:
  • Fire and explosions
  • Floods and storms
  • Earthquakes and lightning
  • Accidental breakage of glass (optional)
  • Theft and burglary
  • Removal of debris (10% of the home sum insured)
  • Alternative accommodation for up to 52 weeks

Contents insurance

The contents insurance policy offers mostly the same levels of cover for your belongings. In addition, you’re also covered for:

  • High value items and collections (optional)
  • Items insured away from your home address (optional, extra premium)

If you have a motor policy with Shannons as well as a home and contents policy, you will receive a discount of up to 10% off your home and contents premium.

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Shannons Insurance FAQs

For landlords, a better option than home insurance is landlord insurance. Landlord insurance covers you for the same things as a home insurance policy, but with several important additions to cover you against risks from your tenants.

Shannons has additional limited cover available to landlords under ‘landlord furnishings’, but does not offer separate policies. Check out the landlord insurance providers rated by Canstar if you think you need some.

If you have a recent and accurate estimate for the value of your home and contents, then it’s often a good idea to insure up to that particular sum to get your exact money’s worth.

If you don’t have an accurate idea of the above value, then you could insure for a complete replacement to give yourself peace of mind. Find out how much home insurance you need and how much contents insurance you need.

If you need to make a claim on your home insurance policy, then doing so with Shannons is a straightforward process. You can claim either over the phone by calling 13 46 46 or online in six easy steps.

You’ll need your policy number, details about the incident, photos and relevant documents to the claim, and details of other people that were involved. Once your claim is lodged, Shannons will contact you within two business days.

To apply for Shannons home insurance policy, first compare your options in Canstar’s home insurance comparison tables. Then, all you need to do is go to the Shannons website and obtain a quote. This process should only take a few minutes at most.

Shannons was created in the early 70’s by Robert Shannon, who intended to make an insurance business tailored to car enthusiasts like him. Now part of the Suncorp Group, Shannons serves car fanatics all across of Australia (excluding the Northern Territory and ACT).

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