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AAMI is a provider of life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, home and contents insurance, and other investment products.

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Considering AAMI Life Insurance? See our comparison table below for a snapshot of its current market offerings. Please note that this table has been formulated based on a non-smoker male in a professional occupation who is seeking cover. The results are sorted by estimated monthly premium (lowest to highest).

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How much does AAMI Life Insurance cost?

The cost of your life insurance will vary depending on several different factors such as your age, occupation and choice of insurer. You can get a quote for AAMI Life Insurance by comparing direct life insurance on our website. Compare the quoted premiums to the average premiums for direct life insurance on our database

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Eligibility to apply for AAMI Life Insurance

All permanent Australian residents between the ages of 18 – 60 (inclusive) may apply for an AAMI Life Insurance policy. Upon application, you’ll be asked some simple questions about your health, lifestyle and family medical history to determine what level of cover AAMI is willing to offer to you.

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How to apply for an AAMI Life Insurance policy

If you fit the eligibility criteria, you can apply for AAMI Life Insurance by clicking on an AAMI Life Insurance product in the Canstar direct life insurance comparison tables for your occupation and age, and confirming your choice of policy. You can apply for a quote by clicking on the link in our comparison tables. If you need help obtaining a quote, call AAMI on 13 22 44, or make use of the quick quote option on the AAMI website.

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Yes; in fact, it’s encouraged that members manage their policy online, and AAMI has a dedicated online portal. By clicking here, you can access statements, update your policy, lodge a claim and make payments.

You or your beneficiaries can make a claim with AAMI Life Insurance by calling AAMI on 13 22 44 or visiting the claims portal on the AAMI website.

Before you submit a claim, you should have these details at hand:

  • Your policy information
  • Medicare records
  • Medical history from the treating GP or specialists
  • Death and/or birth certificate

If your insurance claim is approved, AAMI will arrange the payment of your benefit.

If your claim for an income protection benefit is approved, this will involve ongoing payments while you are eligible to continue receiving a benefit, rather than one lump sum payment.

Generally speaking, premiums for forms of life insurance such as term life insurance, TPD insurance or trauma insurance may not be tax deductible, according to ATO (Australian Taxation Office). Ask your tax accountant or financial adviser for more details on this.

The ATO however, states that you can claim the cost of premiums you pay that cover the loss of your income, such as income protection insurance. You can’t, however, claim a deduction for premiums that compensate you for physical injury or are taken out through your super fund. Ask your tax accountant or financial adviser for more details on this.

AAMI Life Insurance charges stepped premiums, which increase as you age.

When you apply for AAMI Life Insurance, your insurance premium is calculated based on your chosen benefits and level of cover, your age, your occupation, your gender, whether you smoke, your health, family history and whether you engage in hazardous activities. The cost of your policy is recalculated each year on your policy’s anniversary, so your premium may increase for your particular age bracket or your occupation category.

Premium rates are not guaranteed. For more information about stepped premiums versus level premiums, read this article.

At the time of writing, medical tests are not required to apply for AAMI Life Insurance; however, in the event of a claim, AAMI may require additional evidence or do a full review of your medical records, and you may be required to complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire.

Once you’ve applied for cover, AAMI will contact you if a medical examination is required throughout the claims process.

After buying an AAMI Life Insurance policy, you can apply to increase the amount of your cover at any time. The application to increase your cover will be subject to the same eligibility criteria.

You should be able to change your level of cover by adding or removing features or coverage, and by increasing or decreasing your sum insured for each type of cover included in your life insurance policy. If you wish to change your policy inclusions, contact AAMI on 13 22 44 to discuss your options.

Keep in mind that increasing your level of cover or adding your spouse or children to your policy is likely to result in a higher insurance premium.

It depends on the condition. When applying for AAMI Life Insurance, you must disclose (tell AAMI about) any pre-existing medical conditions you have now or had in the past, as well as current medications and health issues. Find out more about pre-existing conditions for life insurance here.

Founded in 1969, AAMI is one of Australia’s oldest and largest insurance providers. Today, AAMI is the trusted insurer of around 1.9 million Australian drivers. Download the AAMI Safer Driver App to track your own driving record and see if you can earn 60 points to win free Roadside Assist with your AAMI comprehensive car insurance policy.

At its founding, AAMI pledged to provide a real person to answer every quote or claims phone call, and it still does today. Its customer service team is available 24/7 with no push-button menus or voice recordings. AAMI proudly advertises that it regularly receives customer satisfaction ratings of 90% for its call centre.

AAMI’s slogan, “Lucky you’re with AAMI”, was first introduced in 1985 – over 30 years ago! The original “AAMI Girl” was the Swedish model Carin Sinfors, who first appeared in its TV ads in 1979. These days, many people know AAMI by its TV ads for the safe driver discount, including “What about me? I never claim” and the Rhonda series.

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AAMI is a real corporate citizen, contributing to its community in a number of ways, both on and off the road. It runs a Skilled Drivers course that teaches safe driving techniques to drivers under 25, which has created 85,000 safer drivers since its creation in 1982. You can even watch some of its Skilled Drivers on YouTube.

It has also been educating young drivers about the consequences of reckless driving since 2008, though the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.) program.

AAMI has been a long-standing partner of the Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) since 2002, and has contributed over $4.5 million towards equipment and tools to support its brave rescue work.

The table below shows some of our best life insurance options available for a non-smoking female aged 30-39 years old, who is working in a white collar occupation group such as a clerk or office administrator. This table is sorted by Star Rating (highest to lowest).

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