What Could Get You Banned From Uber

7 September 2017

Co-author: William Jolly 

Planning on catching an Uber home? Then you might want to read our list of what can get you banned from the popular-ride sharing service.

With Uber well and truly established across Australia (over 25% of Australians use it), chances are you’ve used it to get home after a night out. But one wrong move can make your next Uber trip your last! Some of the actions that can get you banned for life include:

  1. Damaging the driver’s or other passengers’ personal property
  2. Abusive or offensive language and gestures
  3. Making unwelcome physical contact with your driver

There are other behaviours too that can get you banned from Uber, or at the very least harm your precious passenger rating. We’ll outline what these reasons are, according to Uber’s legal team.

What could get you banned from Uber

Uber prides itself on its community rapport, and therefore wants every trip to be safe and enjoyable for each passenger. The same also applies for their drivers; anything that makes drivers feel uncomfortable or unsafe will not be tolerated.

To ensure a safe, respectful environment for Uber drivers and other passengers, the following actions can get you banned from the ride-sharing service.

1.      Damaging the personal property of the driver and other passengers

Damaging the car, breaking the driver’s phone, intentionally spilling food or drink and of course, vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption can all result in a ban if your driver reports you.

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2.      Using inappropriate and abusive language

Making sexist, racist or homophobic comments or insults, as well as overly personal questions and verbal threats, can all result in a termination of your account. Just be a decent person and you’ll be fine.

3.      Physical contact with your driver

Uber’s community guidelines make it very clear you shouldn’t touch, flirt with or assault your Uber driver in any way. You should never hit or hurt your Uber driver, and remember Uber has a very strict ‘no sexual conduct’ rule.

4.      Unwanted contact with your driver or fellow passengers after the ride is over

Texting, calling, visiting and harassing someone in person after a ride has been completed is absolutely banned.

5.      Breaking the law while using Uber

There are countless crimes that can be committed within the span of your 15-minute trip that can end in a ban. Everything from bringing open containers of alcohol in the car to asking drivers to break speed limits, assaulting other passengers, using Uber to commit crimes such as drug and human trafficking or the sexual exploitation of children.

6.      Carrying a firearm

This one goes without saying, but Uber prohibits both riders and drivers from carrying firearms while using the Uber app. Violating Uber’s firearms policy can result in an instant loss of access.

If Uber is made aware of a claim against you for any of these reasons, they will first contact you in order to investigate them. Your account may be temporarily suspended while this process is underway. Any behaviour involving violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal activity while using Uber can result in the immediate loss of access to your account.

To check what your drivers thought about you during your trips, it is easy to check your passenger rating. See the video below to find out how.

Source: The Kim Komando Show

How Uber drivers can be banned

It’s not just Uber passengers who can be banned; there have been countless incidents of Uber drivers getting kicked to the curb after inappropriate or downright illegal behaviour. Here is a short selection of some of the more common behaviors that have resulted in Uber drivers being banned.

1.      Having a poor driver rating

When you sign up as an Uber driver, you are told to keep your driver rating at 4.6/5 or above. If your average rating is between a 4.3 and a 4.6 after your first 25 trips, you will need to improve your average rating to a 4.6 over the next 25 trips.

If your rating stays below this target your account will be temporarily deactivated until you take a quality improvement course. Uber’s business model relies on positive experiences and word-of-mouth, so drivers that fail to perform to an acceptable standard are expected to improve in order to remain an Uber driver.

2.      Promoting competitors

Since Uber drivers technically aren’t employees, they are allowed to also drive for competitors such as Lyft and Shebah. However, actively promoting other companies while logged into the Uber app can result in a ban.

3.      Having extra passengers in the car

By accepting a trip, you are agreeing to pick up only that person and their party. Having someone else in the car is against Uber’s terms and conditions, and the other passengers are free to report this to the company. One instance might not get you terminated, but multiple might, so no giving your mates lifts while on the clock!

4.      Refusing rides to certain people and service animals

The first point ensures drivers don’t discriminate against riders based factors such as their sex, race or religion. Uber drivers are required to give lifts to people with service animals, and refusing their companions entry is grounds for immediate termination.

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5.      Sexist, racist, homophobic and aggressive behaviour

As with being a passenger, any of the above behaviour will more often than not result in an instant ban pending an investigation from Uber.


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