Tasmania CTP Insurance

Information about Tasmania’s Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance

Tasmania’s compulsory third party insurance is provided by the Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB). The MAIB has been administering a no-fault CTP scheme since it was established in 1974.

As a no-fault scheme, Tasmania’s CTP insurance provides extensive coverage for all Tasmanians injured in a motor vehicle accident. The claimable benefits of the MAIB include medical costs, loss of income and death expenses. The MAIB also has a Long Term Care program to provide lifetime care to the seriously injured.

Tasmania Road Statistics

  • As at 31 January 2015, there are 312,993 registered passenger vehicles in TAS– making up around 69% of all registered vehicles. Motorcycles make up 4.1% of all registered vehicles in TAS, with 18,640 (Source: ABS).
  • As at July 2015, the CTP premium for a private motor car (excluding GST/duties) in Tasmania is $289 (Source: ICWA).
  • The MAIB processed in excess of 60,000 benefit payments on behalf of injured people over the 2013/14 financial year. (Source: MAIB)
  • In 2014, there were 36 fatalities on Tasmanian roads. Of these, 21 were drivers, 9 were passengers, 3 were pedestrians and 2 were motorcyclists. There were 266 serious injuries from Tasmanian road accidents in 2014. (Source: Department of State Growth).

CTP doesn’t cover you for damage to other vehicles, your vehicle or property. Consider getting comprehensive car insurance.


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