What is the Maximum Contribution Base?

11 May 2018
The maximum contribution base is used to determine the most your employer is legally required to pay as your super guarantee in a given financial quarter.

For financial year 18-19, this works out to a maximum contribution of  a whopping $5,132.85 a quarter!

More specifically, the maximum contribution base states the maximum income per quarter that your employer is required to match with the 9.5% super guarantee. Any income over this level doesn’t legally require further super contributions, though there is no prohibition against doing so. The precise level of the maximum contribution base is indexed annually in line with Average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings, usually in February.

Maximum contribution base limits for previous years

Income year Income per quarter
2018-19 $54,030
2017–18 $52,760
2016–17 $51,620
2015–16 $50,810
2014–15 $49,430

How the maximum contribution base works

As an example, if you earnt $60,000 plus super in a quarter of the financial year 2017-2018, your employer would not have to pay the full 9.5% super guarantee on that amount. Instead, they would only be legally required to pay at most $5,012.20 a quarter, or 9.5% of the maximum contribution base for that income year which was $52,760.

Of course, in many cases individuals earning high incomes like these receive a salary package with specific super benefits. Nevertheless, their employer needs to ensure that they are still earning the equivalent of at least 9.5% of their income up to the maximum contribution base as super.

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