Our guide to the Victorian Seniors Card

Finance Journalist · 1 February 2021
If you’re eligible to receive one, the Victorian Seniors Card could help make your retirement easier by providing you with a large range of discounts on goods, services, utilities and public transport.

Here’s what you need to know about the Victorian Seniors Card, including some of the benefits it provides, its eligibility requirements and how to apply for one.

What kinds of discounts can you get with a Victorian Seniors Card?

The Victorian Seniors Card gives you access to a number of benefits, many of which are discounts or concessions at participating stores and businesses. The card also offers wide-ranging public transport benefits for Victorian seniors.

Discounts at stores and businesses

The list of discounts afforded by a Victorian Seniors Card is quite extensive and almost constantly being added to. It includes discounts on food and drink, accommodation, ageing and aged care, shopping and more from over 4,000 participating businesses in Victoria, as well as state government attractions such as the Melbourne Museum and National Gallery of Victoria. If you want to find out more, the Victorian Seniors Card website has a handy discount directory, which allows you to search all current discounts by location and offer type.

Transport concessions

As mentioned, Victoria offers generous public transport concessions for its seniors. Victorian Seniors Card holders get a free Seniors myki card and also receive the following benefits:

  • concession fares on trains, trams and buses (which is a 50% discount on full adult fares)
  • free travel on weekends in any two consecutive zones and on regional town buses
  • access to free off-peak travel vouchers
  • free travel during the Victorian Seniors Festival in October
  • cheaper off-peak fares on V/Line services (Victoria’s regional public transport service).

Other benefits

Seniors Card holders can also access the New Zealand SuperGold program, which could be of interest if you plan to visit New Zealand should a proposed travel bubble eventuate. SuperGold is the New Zealand equivalent of the Victorian Seniors Card program and provides access to a range of discounts from participating New Zealand businesses.

Other discounts include a discount on energy plans from AGL and discounts on some gift cards purchased online. Before choosing an energy plan, it’s a good idea to compare plans so you can find one that suits you and your budget. You can compare energy plans over at Canstar Blue.

Who is eligible for a Victorian Seniors Card?

To be eligible for a Victorian Seniors Card, you must be:

  • 60 years of age or older
  • Either working less than 35 hours per week in paid employment or fully retired
  • A permanent resident of Australia and living in Victoria

If you meet the residency and age requirements but not the work requirement, you may be eligible for a Victorian Seniors Business Discount Card rather than a Victorian Seniors Card. The Seniors Business Discount Card still gives you access to discounts on a range of goods and services from participating businesses. However, the card does not provide public transport concessions.

How do I apply for a Victorian Seniors Card?

You can apply for a Victorian Seniors Card online or in person at your local library. The Victorian Government says to make sure you have your Medicare Card at hand to complete your application. If you are filling out a paper application form, you will also need to provide a statutory declaration which must be witnessed.

The Seniors Card is free for eligible Victorians and there are no fees or charges that apply. It will usually take between three to four weeks to process your application once it has been received.

While the discounts you get as a Victorian Seniors Card holder could make a difference in helping you save money in retirement, it’s also important to ensure you’ll have enough in super to help fund your desired lifestyle. You might like to compare different super funds with Canstar.

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