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ahm is a member of the Medibank group and offers private health insurance within Australia. In addition to its health insurance offerings, ahm also provides travel, car, home, life and pet insurance cover.

What health insurance products does ahm offer?

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ahm offers a wide range of health insurance policies, with cover options for singles, couples, families and single parents. At the time of writing, ahm provides the following hospital, extras, combined hospital and extras as well as ambulance cover products:

  • Hospital cover options: Starter Basic, Essentials Basic Plus, Starter Bronze, Lite Bronze Plus, Core Bronze Plus, Starter Silver, Classic Silver Plus, Deluxe Silver Plus and Top Hospital Gold
  • Extras cover options: Black 50 Saver, Black 60, Black 70, Lifestyle Extras, Family Extras, Black 70 Boost and Super Extras
  • Combined cover options: ahm offers combined cover based on its hospital cover options with a tiered extras package.
  • Ambulance cover: ahm offers ambulance cover for singles and families. Cover is available for NSW and ACT residents only.

Read more about what’s generally covered by Gold, Silver, Bronze and Basic hospital cover, as well as extras policies.

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ahm health insurance FAQs

How do I join AHM?

To take out an ahm health insurance policy, you can get a quote directly from its website or you can call the customer support team. You will need to decide which level of coverage and combination of extras suit your needs. To help you find a health insurance policy that satisfies your budget and desired level of coverage, you may want to first compare your options with Canstar.

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Can I manage my ahm policy online?

ahm has an online portal and a mobile app to help its members manage their policy online or while on the go. The ahm portal and app lets health insurance policyholders make extras claims, manage their policy and check their account details.


Can I get dental cover with ahm?

ahm’s black 60, black 70, lifestyle extras, family extras, black 70 boost and super extras policies include cover for general dental and major dental.  Additionally, ahm’s essentials basic plus, lite bronze plus, core bronze plus, starter silver, classic silver plus, deluxe silver plus, top hospital gold and higher-tier policies include cover for dental surgery.


Does ahm’s health insurance cover physiotherapy?

The starter flex basic, essentials flexi basic plus, lite flexi bronze plus, classic flexi silver plus and deluxe flexi silver plus hospital and extras policies include cover for physiotherapy. It’s also included in all extras policy options.

Does ahm’s health insurance cover obstetrics?

ahm’s top hospital gold, top hospital gold and family extras and top hospital and gold and super extras hospital policies include cover for pregnancy and birth.

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How do I lodge a claim with ahm?

Once you’ve received medical treatment or made a purchase covered by your policy, the next step is to make a claim. If you would like to claim on extras, you can do this on the spot at a recognised provider if they have a HICAPS (Health Industry Claims and Payments Service) machine. You can also make a claim online using the ahm portal or by using the app for most medical services. Alternatively, you can claim via email by completing a claim form.

Can I get ahm health insurance as an international student?

At the time of writing, ahm does offer Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). It covers medical and hospital costs while a foreign student is studying in Australia and offers members a dedicated OSHC website and app for student online services. If you are an international student currently in Australia on a study visa or are planning to do so in the future, you can compare OSHC policies available in Australia with Canstar:

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Does ahm offer Working Visa Health Cover?

At the time of writing, ahm does not offer Working Visa Health Cover (also known as Overseas Visitors Health Cover or OVHC). However, cover is available through Medibank. Keep in mind, if you’re on an overseas visa and are from a country with a reciprocal healthcare agreement, you may be eligible for Medicare public health benefits.

Compare OVHC policies on Canstar’s website:

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About ahm

Established 40 years ago, ahm is a specialist provider of health insurance and is part of the Medibank health insurance group. The company has more than 700,000 members at the time of writing and offers travel, car, home, life and pet insurance policies in addition to health insurance.


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Written by: Sean Callery | Last updated: October 22, 2021