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1300 Insurance is a provider of pet, car, home, travel and life insurance.

What types of pet insurance does 1300 Insurance offer? 

1300 Insurance offers two pet insurance products:

  • Comprehensive Pet Insurance – provides up to $15,000 per year towards your pet’s vet bills and additional coverage for vet services relating to ear/eye conditions, infectious disease, gastrointestinal problems and tick paralysis. 
  • Accident-only Pet Insurance – provides up to $10,000 each year towards vet bills if your pet has an accident. 

Both of 1300 Insurance’s pet insurance policies will pay up to 75% of vet bills, with no excess on claims. 

If you’re unsure as to which kind of pet insurance is most appropriate for you, or would like to better understand the different levels of cover, check out our guide to the different kinds of pet insurance.

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What breed of pets does 1300 Insurance pet insurance cover?

1300 Insurance covers dogs and cats. If you have more than one dog or cat, 1300 Insurance says you can save 5% off your pet insurance with its multi-pet discount. 

What is not covered by 1300 Insurance pet insurance?

1300 Insurance states that it does not cover costs related to pre-existing conditions, dental care and day to day care. It also does not cover elective procedures and treatments, certain treatments and conditions such as those related to behavioural problems, and certain services and procedures such as transport or boarding fees. 

Read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to see a full list of exclusions. You also may want to consider what illnesses your pet may need coverage for. For more information about what’s not covered by some pet insurance policies, check out our list of 13 common pet insurance exclusions.

What is the age limit for pets covered by 1300 Insurance pet insurance?

1300 Insurance does not specify what age limits apply to its Comprehensive and Accident-only Pet Insurance. However, it does state that its policies give you lifetime cover for your pet as long as cover is renewed each year. 1300 Insurance says it guarantees you can renew your policy each year, regardless of the number of claims you have made. Contact 1300 Insurance for details. 

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1300 Insurance pet insurance FAQs

1300 Insurance does not state that you need to provide your pet’s medical records in order to apply for and take out its pet insurance. However, 1300 Insurance says you will need to provide your pet’s medical history as part of the claims process.

Yes, 1300 Insurance says you can use any vet for your pet’s treatment and will be covered anywhere in Australia and in some places overseas.

Yes, 1300 Insurance’s Comprehensive Pet Insurance has a benefit limit of up to $15,000 per year and 1300 Insurance’s Accident-only Pet Insurance has a limit of up to $10,000 a year.

1300 Insurance says it will pay up to 75% of eligible vet bills, including consultations, diagnostic tests, medicines, specialist treatment and hospitalisation.

You can purchase a 1300 Insurance pet insurance policy online via its website. If you need help applying, you can also call 1300 Insurance’s call centre.

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You can lodge a claim with 1300 Insurance either online via the pet insurance account portal or through the post. 1300 Insurance says all claims should be submitted and received within 90 days of the vet treatment being provided. 

For online claims, 1300 Insurance says you will need to upload a copy of the itemised invoice and the consultation notes from your vet visit. If it is your first claim, 1300 Insurance says it will also need your pet’s full medical history. 

For postal claims, you will need to print and complete a Veterinary Fee Claim Form and get your vet to fill out and sign a section of the form. You’ll also need to attach the itemised invoice, payment receipts and consultation notes.

1300 Insurance says it will contact you prior to the expiry of your pet insurance policy. 1300 Insurance says it reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of your policy to reflect the risk of insuring your pet based on factors such as age, location and medical history. Your 1300 Insurance pet insurance policy will automatically renew on the renewal offer terms and 1300 Insurance says it guarantees you’ll be able to renew your pet insurance each year. 

Consider comparing pet insurance policies before simply renewing the same policy. You can compare a range of pet insurance policies on Canstar’s database:

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1300 Insurance was founded in 2008 by the 1300 Group Pty Ltd. It is an Australian-owned and operated provider of personal and business insurance.

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Written by: Tamika Seeto | Last updated: July 8, 2019