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Trupanion is a specialist provider of pet insurance.

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What types of pet insurance does Trupanion offer?

Trupanion offers a single pet insurance product which can be taken out for any breed of dog or cat (provided they are within Trupanion’s acceptable age range for cover).

If you’re unsure as to which kind of pet insurance is most appropriate for you, or would like to better understand the different levels of cover, check out our guide to the different kinds of pet insurance.

What breed of pets does Trupanion pet insurance cover?

Trupanion covers small, medium and large breed dogs as well as cats.

What is not covered by Trupanion pet insurance?

Trupanion states that it does not cover exam fees, routine and preventative care, or pre-existing conditions. It does not specifically exclude any condition or breed-specific ailment, regardless of if it’s hereditary or congenital, as long as it is not pre-existing and symptoms were not evident before you took out cover. Trupanion notes that it does not provide cover for ‘certain alternative therapies and treatments’ unless additional cover is added for them.

It’s important to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to find any exclusions listed in a policy and to also consider what illnesses your pet may need coverage for.

What is the age limit for pets covered by Trupanion pet insurance?

Trupanion says you can take out pet insurance any time after your pet is eight weeks old and before their 14th birthday. Trupanian says that once your pet is signed up, you can keep their coverage for life. You can find more details about this in the PDS.


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Trupanion Pet Insurance FAQs

You do not have to provide your pet’s medical records in order to apply for and take out Trupanion pet insurance, however you may need to provide your pet’s medical history as part of the claims process.

Yes, Trupanion says you’re welcome to visit any vet, specialists, or emergency hospital in Australia.

No, Trupanion advises that they do not impose coverage limits on your policy. It says it will pay any and all eligible claims you lodge.

Trupanion will reimburse you for 90% of any costs you incur as a result of your pet’s new injury or illness after you’ve met your excess. Trupanion says it can pay your bill directly to your vet at any of its partner hospitals.

First, consider comparing your options from various providers before committing to a particular policy.

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You can purchase a Trupanion pet insurance policy online via their website.


You can lodge a claim with Trupanion either online by uploading a copy of your pet’s itemised invoice with supporting information on what happened, or by downloading, printing, and filling out a copy of its claim form, scanning both it and your pet’s itemised invoice, and emailing them to Trupanion.


Your Trupanion pet insurance policy will automatically renew if you choose not to alter or cancel it after receiving your renewal notice.

Make sure you consider comparing pet insurance policies before renewing to ensure the cover you have in place is still suited to your and your pet’s situation.

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Trupanion has been providing pet insurance to pet owners in the North American market for nearly two decades now, and claims it were the first pet insurance provider to offer a policy with no payout limits and to pay claims at checkout.

It has now expanded to the Australian market with the goal of providing the same disruptive product to Australian pet owners.

Written by: Nina Tovey | Last updated: June 10, 2019