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RSPCA Pet Insurance is a specialist provider of pet insurance.

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The table below displays a snapshot of pet insurance policies with accident and illness cover on Canstar’s database with links to providers’ websites, sorted by Star Rating (highest to lowest). These results are based on cover for a one-year-old medium dog breed.


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What types of pet insurance does RSPCA offer?

RSPCA offers all three of the major types of pet insurance rated by Canstar: Accident Only Cover (Basic Cover), Accident and Illness Cover (Economy Cover), and Accident, Illness and Routine Care Cover (Ultimate Cover).

If you’re unsure as to which kind of pet insurance is most appropriate for you, or would like to better understand the different levels of cover, check out our guide to the different kinds of pet insurance.

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What breed of pets does RSPCA pet insurance cover?

RSPCA offers specialised cover for dogs of all sizes, as well as cats. Both of these animals can be covered under the three policies mentioned above, and if you have more than one pet insured with RSPCA you can receive a 10% discount per pet.

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How do you take out pet insurance from RSPCA?

You can purchase an RSPCA pet insurance policy by comparing your options with Canstar, then generating a quote online. This process should only take a few minutes. If you need help applying, call RSPCA on 1300 881 492.

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RSPCA expressly lists some illnesses and injuries as exclusions that are not covered by its pet insurance. General exclusions include:

  • Certain pre-existing conditions
  • Dental care
  • Elective procedures
  • Failure to protect your pet (duty of care) or damage suffered due to abuse or neglect

This is just the tip of the iceberg; there are plenty more listed by the RSPCA. It’s important to read the Product Disclosure Statement to find any exclusions listed in a policy and to also consider what illnesses your pet may need coverage for. For more information about what’s not covered by some pet insurance policies, check out our list of 13 common pet insurance exclusions.

RSPCA has a maximum age limit of nine years and a minimum age limit of eight weeks for both dogs and cats for the economy and ultimate policies, while the basic option has no maximum entry age. You can find more details about this in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Older pets tend to be more expensive to cover as they are much more likely to suffer from illness or injury than younger pets. With lifetime renewal under RSPCA pet insurance, your pet will be insured for life as long as you apply within the age range specified and continue to meet your policy requirements.

No, but you may have to do so if you want to make a claim on something and prove it wasn’t a pre-existing condition listed by the provider.

Yes – RSPCA pet insurance allows you to choose between any licensed vet in Australia.

Yes. The annual benefit limit and claim terms and conditions for the RSPCA’s Ultimate Cover policy is $11,000 – the requirements of which are outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement. Find out more about pet insurance benefit limits and how much you can claim here.

RSPCA allows you to receive a reimbursement of up to 80% of your eligible vet costs. The reimbursement you receive will depend on both your pet and your choice of insurance cover (the economy policy provides a reimbursement of 75%).

You can lodge a claim with RSPCA online by filling out a claims form and uploading a copy of your vet’s consultation notes. First time claimers will also need to provide details of their pet’s full medical history. 85% of claims with the RSPCA are processed within one working week.

Your RSPCA pet insurance policy will automatically renew if you choose not to alter or cancel it after receiving your renewal notice. If you’re not sure whether to renew or switch, here’s our guide to renewing your pet insurance policy.

Make sure you compare pet insurance policies before simply renewing the same policy, so that you continue to get outstanding value insurance at the right price:

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The RSPCA is a well-known charity that provides shelter, protection and animal care to all animals great and small across Australia. It has 40 animal shelters around the country and over 1,000 staff – most of which are volunteers. Its main mission is to eliminate animal cruelty in Australia and unite people and families with their perfect pet.

By choosing the RSPCA as your insurer, a portion of your premiums will go towards these initiatives.

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