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Australian Seniors

Australian Seniors is an insurer aimed primarily at Australians aged over 50, providing pet, car, home and contents, landlord, travel and funeral insurance.

What types of pet insurance does Australian Seniors offer? 

Australian Seniors pet insurance offers three levels of cover:

  • Top Accident & Illness Cover receive up to 80% back from eligible vet bills. Includes routine care for vaccinations and dental treatment, paralysis tick benefit and emergency boarding. 
  • Essential Accident & Illness Cover – get up to 75% back from eligible vet bills. Includes paralysis tick benefit. 
  • Accident Only Cover – Australian Seniors’ “economical” pet insurance plan. Receive up to 80% back from eligible vet bills, with no age-limit for insured pets. 

Australian Seniors says all cover options feature an annual benefit limit of $12,000, no excess and lifelong cover for your pet provided you continue to renew your policy. For a full list of benefits, see Australian Senior’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). 

At the time of writing, Australian Seniors says it offers a 10% Seniors discount to customers aged over 50. 

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What type of pets does Australian Seniors pet insurance cover?

Australian Seniors offers insurance for dogs and cats. If you have more than one pet, Australian Seniors says you can take out a single insurance policy that covers all of your pets,  however you’ll still need to pay a separate premium for each one.  

What is not covered by Australian Seniors pet insurance?

Australian Seniors pet insurance does not cover vet expenses and/or costs related to pre-existing conditions, dental care and elective procedures. It also does not cover certain treatments and conditions classed as preventative treatments (such as vaccinations and flea and tick control) nor does it cover certain other services and procedures. For a full list of exclusions, read Australian Seniors PDS.

What is the age limit for pets covered by Australian Seniors pet insurance?

Australian Seniors says you can insure your dog or cat as soon as they are eight weeks old. For Australian Seniors’ Top and Essential Accident & Illness Cover plans, your pet must be under nine years old to get cover. There is no maximum age limit for the Accident Only Cover plan. 

Once you have a policy in place, Australian Seniors says you can insure your pet for the rest of its life as long as there is no break in your cover. 

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Australian Seniors pet insurance FAQs

Australian Seniors does not state that you need to provide your pet’s medical records in order to apply for and take out its pet insurance. However, Australian Seniors says you will need to provide your pet’s full veterinary history as part of the claims process.

Yes, Australian Seniors says you can choose to visit any vet you like, as long as they are licensed and registered to practise in Australia.

All of Australian Seniors pet insurance plans have an annual benefit limit of up to $12,000 a year. They also have a $2,600 annual limit for cruciate ligament conditions and a $300 annual limit on vet consultations.

You can receive up to 80% of eligible vet bills back on Australian Seniors Top Accident & Illness Cover and Accident Only Cover. Australian Seniors Essential Accident & Illness Cover gives you up to 75% of eligible vet bills back.

If you’re looking to take out a pet insurance policy, you can compare your options using the Canstar pet insurance comparison tables. You can then either get a quote on Australian Seniors’s website or call Australian Seniors.

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You can lodge a claim with Australian Seniors online or by post. To make a claim you will need to have itemised invoices, payment receipts and consultation notes from your vet visit. If it is your first claim, Australian Seniors also says you will need to provide your pet’s full medical history from all previous vets from the time you first owned your pet. Australian Seniors says you should claim within 90 days of a treatment to avoid a late fee. If you have any questions, you can call Australian Seniors claims team.

Australian Seniors say it will automatically renew your pet insurance policy unless you notify it that you want to change or cancel your policy. Australian Seniors says it will review the cost of your insurance at the time of renewal, and look at factors including your pet’s age and breed as well as data relating to the health of pets that are a similar age and breed. 

Make sure you compare pet insurance policies before renewing your existing policy. You can compare a range of pet insurance policies on Canstar’s database:

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Australian Seniors was launched in 1998 to provide insurance for Australians aged over 50, a market which it says is often-ignored. Australian Seniors says it works with older Australians from all walks of life – from those who are still working to self-funded retirees. Australian Seniors also says it offers exclusive discounts to state-granted Seniors Card holders throughout Australia.

Written by: Tamika Seeto | Last updated: August 5, 2019