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Petsecure is a specialist provider of pet insurance.

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The table below displays a snapshot of pet insurance policies with accident and illness cover on Canstar’s database with links to Petsecure’s website, sorted by Star Rating (highest to lowest). These results are based on cover for a one-year-old medium dog breed.

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What types of pet insurance does Petsecure offer?

Petsecure offers three main types of pet insurance – Accident Only Cover, Accident & Illness Cover as well as Dental cover. It also offers the option to add ‘Wellness Care’ or Routine Care Cover to any consumers who take out Accident and Illness Cover.

Each of these three policies has four (4) different levels of coverage, which offer increasingly large annual benefits:

  1. Secure I
  2. Secure II
  3. Secure III
  4. Secure IV

If you’re unsure as to which kind of pet insurance is most appropriate for you, or would like to better understand the different levels of cover, check out our guide to the different kinds of pet insurance.

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What breed of pets does Petsecure pet insurance cover?

The Petsecure pet insurance policy only covers domestic cats and dogs. However, if it believes that your cat or dog is unlawfully kept (for example, security dogs or racing greyhounds), it has the right to refuse cover.

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How do you take out pet insurance from Petsecure?

You can purchase a Petsecure pet insurance policy, either online, or over the phone by calling call Petsecure on 1300 855 160. It takes less than 10 minutes to receive a quote online.

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Petsecure FAQs

Petsecure expressly lists some illnesses and injuries as exclusions that are not covered by its pet insurance.

  • Pre-existing conditions – If your furry friend has suffered or undergone treatment for a particular condition, and you decide to switch pet insurance providers, it may not be covered under your new policy. Always declare pre-existing conditions when first making an application.
  • Day-to-day care – Petsecure won’t cover the regular day-to-day expenses of owning a pet, which can include: regular or dietary pet food, vaccinations, micro chipping, flea/worm control, shampoo, collars/leads, and dog beds etc.
  • Breeding – If you have bought dogs or cats with the specific purpose of breeding them, Petsecure won’t cover any injuries or conditions that arise as a result.
  • Dental care – This can include dental procedures, gingivitis and treatment of diseases or fractures, teeth cleaning or teeth removal.
  • Failure to take care – Petsecure won’t cover any treatment of conditions caused either deliberately or negligently, by you towards your pet. A few examples of this include leaving the gate open, forgetting to feed your pet, the ingestion of hazardous substances and an unsafe living area.

It’s important to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to find any exclusions listed in a policy and to also consider what illnesses your pet may need coverage for. For more information about what’s not covered by some pet insurance policies, check out our list of 13 common pet insurance exclusions.

Petsecure actually has no age limit for its Accident Only Cover option. Its Accident and Illness Cover option specify dogs and cats must be between eight weeks and nine years old when insured. You can find more details about this in the Product Disclosure Statement.

It’s important to check with your chosen provider to see if they have an age limit on their policies – older pets tend to be more expensive to cover as they are much more likely to suffer from illness or injury than younger pets.

Alternatively, you can look for a policy that offers lifetime renewal, which means your provider won’t cancel your policy due to an ageing pet, as long as you continue to meet your requirements as a customer.

Every pet insurance provider is different, and while many don’t require medical records, you may be asked a few questions upon application. These are usually to determine any pre-existing conditions your pet may have, and whether they will be covered under your policy.

Yes, Petsecure allows you to use any veterinarian that you prefer, provided they are licensed to legally practise in Australia.

Yes, it does. The Accident Only Basic Cover has an annual benefit limit of $8,000 and the Accident and Illness Cover has an annual benefit limit of $12,000. The top policy – Secure IV – has an unlimited annual benefit limit for both accident and illness cover.

The annual benefit limit and claim terms and conditions for Petsecure’s pet insurance is outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement. Find out more about pet insurance benefit limits and how much you can claim here.

All Petsecure pet insurance policies allow you to choose your reimbursement of either 75% or 85% of your vet costs. Choosing 75% will lower the reimbursement you receive but it will also lower your premium costs, so it is the ideal option for a healthy pet and peace of mind. It is entirely up to you to decide what reimbursement percentage you would like.

You can lodge a claim with Petsecure by completing and submitting a pet insurance claim form, which can be found online. You must submit the claim within 90 days of the appointment or when the treatment was received and make sure you bring the claim form to the appointment with you as the vet has to fill out a section and sign it.

Your Petsecure pet insurance policy will automatically renew if you choose not to alter or cancel it after receiving your renewal notice. If you’re not sure whether to renew or switch, here’s our guide to renewing your pet insurance policy.

Make sure you compare pet insurance policies before simply renewing the same policy, so that you continue to get outstanding value insurance at the right price:

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Established in 2003, Petsecure is an Australian pet insurance specialist. It describes itself as ‘Simply Pet Crazy People’, and has been taking care of other pet crazy people for the last 15 years.

All of its members receive “little extras” and added peace of mind with a paralysis tick benefit and hospitalisation cover, if you find yourself in hospital and have no one to look after your furry friend.

Petsecure also supports a number of local and community organisations, which help to rescue and save the lives of thousands of unwanted cats and dogs every year. When you take out a policy with Petsecure, you will not only be insuring your pet, but also giving unwanted pets a chance to find their forever home.

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