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Although Coles is best known as being an Australian supermarket, it also offers a range of financial products. This includes credit cards, personal loans and insurance products such as pet, car and home insurance.

What types of pet insurance does Coles offer?

Coles offers two pet insurance products: Basic Cover and Premium Cover. Both Coles pet insurance products cover up to 100% of vet bills and come with a $200 excess at the time of writing.

Basic Cover includes the following features:

  • Annual benefit limit of $10,000
  • Accidental injury cover
  • Limited illness cover, including for cruciate ligament conditions and cancer

Premium Cover provides a higher level of cover and includes the following features:

  • Annual benefit limit of $12,000
  • Accidental injury cover
  • Illness cover including for cruciate ligament conditions, cancer, arthritis, diabetes and heart conditions
  • Optional routine care – this covers consultations, dental check-ups, alternative therapy, behavioural therapy and vaccinations, up to certain monetary limits.

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What sorts of pets does Coles pet insurance cover?

Coles says its pet insurance covers cats and dogs. If you have more than one eligible pet, Coles says you can receive a discount by insuring them under one policy.

What is not covered by Coles pet insurance?

Coles says that it does not cover the cost of any treatment for a pre-existing condition, meaning an injury or illness that arose before you took out the policy or during a relevant waiting period. Waiting periods apply to most claims under a Coles pet insurance policy and can be found in your policy schedule. Coles says that waiting periods are generally 21 days for most accidental injuries or illnesses however, it may waive the waiting period for some accidental injuries.

Coles says it also does not cover certain specific treatments, including dental treatment, elective treatment and preventative treatment. Unless you are covered for routine care, you will also not be covered for dental check-ups, general consultations or alternative treatment.

Read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to see a full list of exclusions. When choosing a policy, you may also want to consider what illnesses your pet may need coverage for.

What is the age limit for pets covered by Coles pet insurance?

Coles says your pet must be older than eight weeks and younger than nine years old to purchase a Coles pet insurance policy.

Coles pet insurance includes a lifetime care renewal guarantee. This means that you can continue to claim for the ongoing treatment of conditions covered by your policy, provided you continue to renew your policy.

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Coles pet insurance FAQs

Coles says you do not need to provide your pet’s medical records in order to take out its pet insurance. However, Coles says you will need to provide your pet’s medical history as part of the claims process.

Yes, Coles says you can see your own vet for your pet’s treatment.

Yes, Coles Basic Cover pet insurance has an annual benefit limit of up to $10,000 and Coles Premium Cover pet insurance has an annual benefit limit of up to $12,000. Coles pet insurance also has sub-limits that apply to certain conditions, treatments or types of accidental injury or illness. For example, Coles Basic Cover has a sub-limit of $3,000 and Coles Premium Cover has a sub-limit of $3,500 for cruciate ligament issues.

Coles says it will pay up to 100% of eligible vet bills, minus any relevant excess and up to the annual benefit limit or sub-limit under your policy.

You can purchase a Coles pet insurance policy online via its website. You can also call the Coles customer support team or email Coles.

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You can lodge a pet insurance claim with Coles online. Coles says you will need to upload a copy of the itemised invoice and the consultation notes from your vet.

In some instances, your vet may be able to lodge a claim on your behalf. You can also call Coles if you need help making a claim. Coles says all claims should be submitted within 365 days of treatment.

During the claims process, Coles says it may need you to provide supporting information such as a full veterinary history and your pet’s full clinical history (this is a record of all visits your pet has made to a vet).

Once it has all the necessary documents, Coles says it will usually take between five to 10 business days to process a claim.

Coles says it will contact you prior to the expiry of your pet insurance policy. If Coles offers to renew your policy, it says it will send you a renewal invitation which will set out the terms and conditions of the cover.

You might want to compare pet insurance policies before simply renewing the same policy. You can compare a range of pet insurance policies on Canstar’s database:

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Coles says it is one of Australia’s largest retailers, with over 2,500 retail outlets around Australia. Coles Financial Services provides a range of products including insurance, credit cards and personal loans. Coles pet insurance is underwritten by Guild Insurance.

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Written by: Tamika Seeto | Last updated: June 1, 2020