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If you’re looking to get into online share trading or are already trading, you may want to consider which platform best suits your goals and trading needs. Read on for an overview of St.George Bank’s online share trading accounts offered through its Directshares platform.

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What online share trading accounts does St.George Bank offer?

To open a Directshares account you will need to have an eligible St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA bank account. At the time of writing, the products available through St George Direct Shares include:

Here’s an overview of St.George Bank’s online share trading account(s) based on the information available at the time of writing: 

Directshares Standard

This is a free to sign up online share-trading account which St.George Bank says offers full share-trading functionality as well as analysis and reporting tools, charting, alerts, and live chat support. 

Direct Shares Standard platform is for beginners or for people who make 10 or fewer trades per month.

Directshares Pro

This account includes all of the tools and functionality mentioned above, but adds real-time data, increased charting (forecasting) capabilities, and a wider range of trading instruments. It requires a paid subscription which costs $49 per month at the time of writing. However, if you trade five or more times in the preceding month, St.George Bank says this fee will be waived. 

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What trading fees does St.George Bank charge? 

At the time of writing, St George Direct Shares brokerage fees depend on the value of the trade and how many trades you’ve made in a calendar month. The $19.95 brokerage rate will apply for the first online trade up to $5,000 and each subsequent online trade up to or equal to $18,000 for that calendar month.

First trade:                                                                                                                              

  • $19.95 for trades worth $5,000 or less
  • $24.45 for trades worth between $5,001 and $10,000
  • $29.95 for trades worth between $10,001 and $28,000
  • 0.11% for trades worth more than $28,000

All subsequent trades

  • $19.95 for trades worth $18,000 or less
  • 0.11% for trades worth more than $18,000

There is also generally a monthly $49 fee charged for Directshares Pro subscriptions. 

A range of other fees may apply. Check St George Bank’s product disclosure statement for full details.

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What products can I invest in using St.George Bank’s platform? 

At the time of writing, St.George Bank allows customers to invest in the following asset types:

  • Australian shares
  • International shares
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Options (the right to buy or sell shares & ETFs at an agreed price in the future)
  • Warrants
  • mFunds (unlisted managed funds providing access to the Australian market, as well as emerging markets and other investments typically not accessible to individuals.)

What markets does St.George Bank offer access to? 

St.George Bank does not specify which markets it offers access to, however it does say that it offers the ability to buy and sell shares in 11 international markets as well as companies listed on the ASX. 

Is the market data provided by St.George Bank dynamic, real-time, or delayed? 

St George Direct Shares uses over 100 chart indicators and measurements to identify market trends and complement your trading strategies. Using Morningstar research you can compare key metrics across the top 300 stocks in each sector. While, Direct Shares Pro has data in real time.

What reporting tools are offered by St.George Bank? 

St George Direct Shares utilises Sharesight’s online tracking and reporting service as an integrated part of its stockbroking platforms

Track your shareholdings (10 holdings or fewer for free, make 30 trades or more per month to track unlimited holdings)

  • Run tax reports and other investment portfolio reports
  • Rank your shares by performance
  • Portfolio sharing
  • Xero integration
  • Benchmarking
  • Unrealised CGT modelling

Does St.George Bank offer margin loans? 

St.George Bank offers traders the ability to take out margin loans as part of its online share trading offering. St.George Bank margin loans offer the following features:

  • No establishment fee for individuals/company applicants
  • No account-keeping or transaction fees
  • A range of acceptable securities

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How is St.George Bank’s share-trading platform secured? 

St.George Bank says its online share trading platform is secured using measures which include: 

  • St.George Bank Secure Code third-party verification
  • Firewalls 
  • SSL encryption

Does St.George Bank have a mobile app you can trade from? 

St.George Bank offers a mobile app to traders. St.George Bank says its mobile app allows users to: 

  • Buy and sell shares
  • View their portfolio and current investments
  • Track stocks and other securities 
  • Check their order history and trade confirmations

Does St.George Bank have customer support services available? 

St.George Bank has 24-hour customer support services available to traders. You can access St.George Bank’s customer service online, by phone, and through the Directshares mobile app. 

Does St.George Bank offer CHESS sponsorship? 

St.George Bank’s online share trading platform offers traders the option of having their shares CHESS-sponsored. CHESS (Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System) is the system used by the ASX to record shareholdings and manage the settlement of share transactions.

About St.George Bank 

St. George Bank was founded in 1937 in the southern suburbs of Sydney as a co-operative building society. In 2008, St. George Bank became part of the Westpac Group. Today it says it has over 2.6 million customers in Australia. 

St. George Bank achieved full banking status in July 1992 and two years later it launched electronic banking for its business customers. 

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Written by: Nina Tovey | Last updated: May 31, 2021