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If you’re looking to invest in Share or are already trading, you may want to consider which platform best suits your goals and trading needs. Here’s some key information about ANZ Share Investing Account, a platform to buy and sell shares.

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What services does ANZ Share Investing Account offer?

To open an ANZ Share Investing Account you will need to have an eligible ANZ bank account or Share Investment Loan. At the time of writing, the products available through ANZ Share Investing Accounts include:

Standard Platform

  • The ANZ Share Investing Account Standard Platform for a beginner style investor offers:
  • An easy-to-use format
  • Tax reporting packages available
  • Live support during ASX market hours
  • ASX announcements and Dow Jones news
  • Keep up-to-date with a watchlist, sector analysis, stock screener and alerts
  • Conditional orders
  • Advanced charting

Pro Platform

The ANZ Share Investing Pro Platform is built for active traders who require sophisticated trading tools.

The main features include:

  • Real time or dynamic market data
  • Multi-monitor display capability
  • A professional charting package, including technical indicators and drawing tools
  • ASX announcements and Reuters’ news feed
  • Morningstar’s quantitative research
  • Create up to five different trading layouts within the platform

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What trading fees does ANZ Share Investing Account charge?

At the time of writing, ANZ Share Investing brokerage fees depend on the value of the trade and how many trades you’ve made in a calendar month. The $19.95 brokerage rate will apply for the first online trade up to $5,000 and each subsequent online trade up to or equal to $18,000 for that calendar month.


Australian Shares

$0 to $5,000 – $19.95
$5,001 to $10,000 – $24.95
$10,001 to $18,000 – $29.95
$18,001 to $28,000 – $29.95
$28,000+ – 0.11% of the trade

International Shares

$0 to $10,000 – $59
$10,000+ – 0.59% of the trade value

Account maintenance:

$0 for basic
$19.95 per quarter for standard (default). The fee is waived if the total value of your cash and investment holdings exceeds $10,000 on the last day of the preceding calendar quarter (March, June, September and December) or if you make at least one trade in the preceding six months.

What products can I invest in using the ANZ Share Investing Account platform?

At the time of writing, ANZ Share Investing Shares allows customers to invest in:

  • Australian shares
  • International shares
  • Exchange traded funds
  • Options
  • Warrants
  • mFunds
  • Exchange Traded Options

Is the market data provided by ANZ Share Investing Account dynamic, real-time, or delayed?

ANZ Share Investing Shares uses over 100 chart indicators and measurements to identify market trends and complement your trading strategies. Using Morningstar research you can compare key metrics across the top 300 stocks in each sector. While ANZ Share Investing Pro has data in real time.

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What reporting tools are offered by ANZ Share Investing Account?

  • ANZ Share Investing utilises Sharesight’s online tracking and reporting service as an integrated part of its stockbroking platforms
  • Track your shareholdings (10 holdings or fewer for free, make 30 trades or more per month to track unlimited holdings)
  • Run tax reports and other investment portfolio reports
  • Rank your shares by performance
  • Portfolio sharing
  • Xero integration
  • Benchmarking
  • Unrealised CGT modelling
  • ANZ also has an online learning portal to help beginners dissect how to begin investing.

How is ANZ Share Investing secured?

ANZ Share Investing Account online share trading platform is secured via SSL encryption, as well as third-party verification processes.

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Does ANZ Share Investing Account have a mobile app you can trade from?

Yes, ANZ Share Investing Account offers a mobile app to traders. With the ANZ Share Investing Account mobile app, you can buy, sell and trade shares. You can also stay on top of the market with that latest market data and prices.

Does ANZ Share Investing Account have customer support services available?

Yes, ANZ Share Investing Account has customer support services available to traders. You can access ANZ Share Investing Account customer service online or via the app. However, if you are locked out of your account you can also reach the helpdesk over the phone.
Your account service level determines your access to:

  • Share quotes
  • Market depth
  • Interactive charting tools
  • Company announcements and profiles, and
  • Tools and filters.
  • Basic is available for all customers but excludes access to real-time price quotes and market depth.
  • Standard gives you comprehensive access to all tools and features. It may be available to you at no charge if you meet the qualifying conditions otherwise its $19.95 per quarter.

About ANZ Share Investing Account

Share Trading with ANZ Share Investing is a service provided through CMC Markets Stockbroking Limited. ANZ Share Investing allows users to access a wide range of investments and settle their trades with an eligible ANZ transaction account or margin loan.

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Written by: Marissa Hayden | Last updated: June 7, 2021