Who Is The Average Australian Woman?

14 December 2016
According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, via its recent Australian Health Survey, the average Australian woman is as follows…

The ABS Australian Health Survey results revealed in 2014 show that the average Australian woman is:

  • Height: 162 cm tall
  • Weight: 71 kg in 2014, compared to 67 kg in 1999
  • Physical Activity: Exercises for 3.5 hours/week; watches TV for 13 hours/week
  • Eating: 1 million Aussie women are on a diet: 50% low calorie, 14% low carb, 10% sugar-free
  • Chocolate: 1.5 million Aussie women together consume a total of 59 tonnes of chocolate per year
  • Alcohol: 1 in 5 Aussie women drinks wine every day

Average Australian Woman - ABS Statistics

But as we all know, “average” is meaningless when it comes to the human body. Every woman is different and every woman has different health needs.

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So whether you’re among the wine-drinking, chocolate-loving, TV-watching crowd of ladies, or whether you’re a lady who runs for an hour per day, drinks only occasionally, and prefers carrots to chocolate, you should investigate health cover.

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What the average woman needs to know

It’s not all about women’s health. Women also need to be engaged in encouraging and empowering each other in our finances and our lives:

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