Overseas holiday destinations couples love to visit

13 November 2015
Our Canstar database shows Aussie couples are looking for travel insurance in order to visit certain countries. Here are some holiday destinations for couples that you can look forward to when you’re planning your trip.

1. USA

The USA is a popular destination for couple-visitors to the Canstar site, judging by the number of visitors searching for travel insurance to that country. And after some quick online surveying, here are some top reasons we’ve found for why couples enjoy travelling to the USA:

  1. A kid-friendly culture
  2. The Grand Canyon
  3. The golden beaches of Hawaii
  4. The Caribbean
  5. The Empire State Building and other NYC landmarksCanyonlands National Park

2. UK

Almost as many visitors to our site as above are couples wanting travel insurance to visit the UK.

Here are the top 5 reasons we’ve found for why couples enjoy travelling to the UK:

  1. Ancient castles where the legends of Camelot were born
  2. Universities of Cambridge and Oxford
  3. Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, red buses
  4. Soho, London
  5. The Lake District

Oh, and we’re going to cheat and add a 6th reason: London has more green space than any other major city on earth. Pack a picnic lunch and take your honey to the park!Tower Bridge London

3. France

France is also a popular destination for Aussie couples heading overseas (with insurance).Menton France

Here are some of the top reasons we’ve found for why couples enjoy travelling to France:

  1. The Eiffel Tower
  2. Paris, “the city of love”
  3. Ancient cathedrals and châteaux – among the best-maintained in the world
  4. Fine wine tours
  5. Normandy D-Day memorials

4. New Zealand

Interestingly, while the Australian Bureau of Statistics advises that New Zealand receives more Aussie visitors per year than any other single country, it ranks only fourth on our list in terms of the number of people looking for travel insurance.

Tongariro Crossing - New Zealand

Presuming that you’re heading there for a holiday rather than work, some top reasons we’ve found for why couples enjoy travelling to New Zealand:

  1. Extremely friendly people and a fascinating Maori culture
  2. Glacier trekking like Milford Sound
  3. Share a beach with penguins and seals
  4. Epic landscapes, wild views: for fans, take a tour of scenery from The Lord of the Rings (Mount Doom is a real volcano), The Hobbit tour (the green door!), or even Avatar (blue people not included)
  5. Extreme sports including bungee jumping, white water rafting, cave diving, skydiving

Bonus – unlike in Australia, there are no poisonous snakes or spiders waiting to interrupt the romance for you in New Zealand.

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