Melbourne's top 10 home builders

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Top 10 home builders in Melbourne, Victoria

The top home builders for 2017/18 were revealed by industry housing experts HIA in its Colorbond steel Housing 100 Report. The report details the top builders nationally and by state. To find out the top 10 builders in Victoria, measured by new buildings constructed (new housing starts), see below:

1. Metricon Homes

According to Metricon, it has aimed at providing innovative yet practical home designs since the business began in 1976. It was recently appointed a program partner in the Victorian State Government’s program Zero Net Carbon Homes to develop and market carbon-neutral homes in Victoria.

Metricon Homes was the biggest builder in Victoria based on the HIA report, with the commencement of 3,040 homes in 2017/18. HIA also found Metricon to be the nation’s largest builder, with 4,764 new builds in total across Australia.

2. Multiplex

Multiplex is an international company based out of Sydney, with significant experience in residential construction ranging from low-rise and medium-rise mixed use developments to inner-city high-rise apartment towers. One of its most recent assignments was to build Stage One of the $2.8 billion Melbourne Square development, set to be completed in August 2020.

In second place, Multiplex started 2,948 multi-units (apartments, units, retirement villages etc.) in Victoria in 2017/18. It was also the third-largest home builder across the country in 2017/18, with a national total of 3,267 building starts.

3. Simonds Group

The Simonds Group comprises of Simonds Victoria, Simonds Queensland, Simonds South Australia, Simonds New South Wales and Madisson Projects. HIA ranked it as the fifth largest builder in the country in 2017/18.

Simonds Group started 1,975 new builds in Victoria over the year, and 2,500 in total across the country. The types of homes it built were predominately houses and semi-detached dwellings.

4. Burbank Group

Burbank Group started out as a small home-building company in the western suburbs of Melbourne, and has since expanded its operations across Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, NSW and the ACT. It trades as Burbank Homes, Burbank Australia, Burbank Construction, Burbank Property, Burbank Building Services, National Pacific Properties, Urban Edge and Eight Homes.

Burbank Group started 1,782 new builds in Victoria in 2017/18, with most of those being houses.

5. Porter Davis Homes

Porter Davis Homes builds homes for first home buyers on smaller lots in new land estates as well as large homes for buyers living in established suburbs. It trades under a number of names including Barret Property  Group Western Region, Northbay Projects and PDH Group.

Porter Davis Homes started 1,531 new houses in Victoria in 2017/18 across the Melbourne Metro and Geelong areas.

6. ABN Group

ABN Group operates across the full scope of the building and construction industry, including home building, commercial construction, home improvement, development and financial services. It trades under a number of names, a few of which include Dale Alcock Homes and Homebuyers Centre Victoria.

In 2017/18, ABN Group started 1,463 new builds in Victoria. Across the country, it built more than 3,000 homes where it was primarily the builder, but sometimes operated as both the builder and developer, or as the developer only.

7. Henley Properties

Henley Properties operates across Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia constructing detached dwellings. It also trades as Henley Arch, Edgewater Homes and Plantation Homes.

Henley Properties started 1,415 new builds in 2017/18 in Victoria, and a total of 2,237 across the states in which it operates.

8. Carlisle Homes

Carlisle Homes has been building homes in and around Melbourne for around 14 years, and claims to have built over 8,000 homes during that time. One of its stated aims is to build homes of exceptional quality. It was recognised by HIA as Victoria’s Most Professional Major Builder for Building Excellence in 2017.

Carlisle Homes started to build a total of 1,403 houses across Melbourne and Geelong in 2017.

9. L.U. Simon Builders

L.U. Simon Builders builds multi-storey residential apartments in Victoria, and also has a presence in the commercial building sector.

It started to build 1,363 in the state in 2017/18 where it was the builder only, which is up from 1,272 building starts in the year prior.

10. JG King

JG King also trades as JG King Homes and JG King Project. JG King Homes is a contract builders business based in Ballarat, but services many major regional centres throughout Victoria. It also specialises in building retirement villages and claims to build exclusively with BlueScope Steel.

JG King started a total of 1,303 builds in Victoria in 2017/18, with most of those comprising of houses as well as some semi-detached homes, and a small number of multi-units buildings.

What’s happening in the Melbourne building market?

The housing market in Melbourne has been showing signs of weakness since March 2018, particularly in new residential suburbs in metropolitan areas, according to the Housing Industry Association (HIA). Interestingly, Victorian-based builders in general have experienced a significant boom in activity.

Builders in Victoria were the only ones across the country to experience increased residential building activity in 2017/18. New residential building developments were up by an estimated 17% compared to the prior year.

Melbourne’s median house value is currently $645,123, according to the most recent CoreLogic analysis – that’s over $228,000 more expensive than the country’s cheapest capital city median house values (as seen in Darwin).

Top home builders in other cities

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