Sydney's top 10 home builders of 2018

Senior News Journalist · 28 November 2018
Are you ready to start building your home or investment property in Sydney, but are not sure where to start? Hiring the services of a specialty development or construction company to take advantage of their expertise may be one option worth considering.

Top 10 home builders in Sydney, NSW

The top home builders for 2017/18 were revealed by industry housing experts HIA in its Colorbond steel Housing 100 Report. The report details the top builders nationally and by state. To find out the top 10 builders in NSW, measured by new buildings constructed (new housing starts), see below:

1. Dyldam Developments

Dyldam is a property and construction group, specialising in residential building in metropolitan growth areas such as Sydney. It’s currently the second-largest home builder in the country, trailing behind Metricon Homes.

Dyldam Developments was the largest builder in NSW in 2017/18 with building commencing on 4,306 multi-units (apartments, units, retirement villages etc.) where it was both the builder and developer. The number of new dwellings Dyldam started as the developer-only was more than 19,000.

2. Meriton Apartments

Meriton concentrates on designing, developing and building apartments in some of Sydney’s most popular locations. HIA statistics show it’s currently the ninth-largest home builder in Australia.

Meriton Apartments started 2,117 multi-units in NSW in 2017/18 where it was both the builder and developer.

3. MJH Group

MJH Group has been around for 30 years, focusing on residential housing for Australian families, as well as investment and multi-unit construction. The building group has five brands, namely: McDonald Jones Homes, Mojo Homes, Brighton Homes, Wilson Homes and MJH Multi.

MJH Group started 1,697 builds in NSW in 2017/18. Across the country, it started 2,352 new builds which included 2,160 houses, 101 multi-units and 91 semi-detached houses where it was the builder.

4. Mirvac Group

Mirvac operates within both the development and investment sectors, focusing on urban markets such as Sydney.

Mirvac Group started 1,047 builds in NSW in 2017/18, and 1,166 total builds across Australia. These were made up primarily of multi-units, but also included building houses where Mirvac operated as both the builder and developer.

5. Eden Brae Group

Eden Brae is a new home builder in Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW, also specialising in medium density construction for investors and developers. It also trades as Eden Brae Homes, Eden Brae Projects, Connect Homes and Eden Brae Holdings.

Eden Brae Group started 1,039 new house constructions in 2017/18 in NSW where it was the builder.

6. Ganellen

Ganellen operates in both Australia and New Zealand in the space of commercial, retail, multi-storey residential, hotels, infrastructures, government buildings and education. It also trades as GN Residential, GN Residential Construction, Buri Ganellen and Ganellen infrastructure.

Ganellen started 974 new multi-unit constructions in NSW in 2017/18 where it was the builder.

7. Rawson Homes

Starting out as a small building company in Dubbo, Rawson Homes now services Sydney, Illawarra, the Southern Highlands, the Central Coast, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Canberra and the Central West. It also trades as Rawson Group, Rawson Communities and Thrive Homes.

Rawson Homes started 958 house constructions in NSW in 2017/18, and 1,001 total builds across NSW and the ACT.

8. Masterton

Masterton specialises in residential construction, whether it be project homes, custom design, dual occupancy or investor-style homes. It also trades as Masterton Homes, Masterton Constructions, New Living Homes and New Edge Homes.

Masterton started 957 builds in NSW in 2017/18, with most of the construction being for houses and the remainder for semi-detached dwellings.

9. Clarendon Residential Group

Clarendon builds a wide range of homes, including new homes and display homes. The Group trades as Clarendon Residential, Domaine Homes (NSW), Clarendon Homes (NSW and QLD), Bellevale Homes (QLD), Cornerstone Homes (VIC), CPG Developments, CPG Australia, Greenway Homes, CPG Estates and Somerset Estate.

Clarendon Residential Group started 879 homes in 2017/18 in NSW and built a total of 1,217 houses across the country.

10. Metricon Homes

According to Metricon, it has aimed to provide innovative yet practical home designs since it came to existence in 1976.

While Metricon Homes ranks as the tenth biggest builder in NSW with 681 new starts in 2017/18, it’s the biggest builder overall in the country having started a total of 4,764 builds for houses and semi-detached dwellings combined.

What’s happening in the Sydney building market?

The home building market in Sydney has begun to experience a slowdown, according to the Housing Industry Association (HIA). New building developments were down by an estimated 9% in New South Wales in 2017/18 compared to the prior year, partly due to declining house prices in Sydney amid subdued investor activity.

The median house value in Sydney is currently $960,344, according to CoreLogic analysis – that’s more than double the median value of an Adelaide or Hobart house.

HIA says many builders across Australia have started insulating their businesses in preparation for a market slowdown by focusing on efficiencies.

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