Split Loan Calculator

Fixed, variable or both? What mortgage structure is going to work best for you? Our split loan calculator helps you work out the right combination of loans for your lifestyle.

What is a Split Loan?

A split loan facility is a combination loan structure, where part of your loan is put in a fixed rate loan product and the other part is put into a variable rate loan product. The main advantage of a split loan is that it gets the best of both worlds – your fixed repayments are predictable, while your variable repayments can still get smaller if interest rates fall.

Splitting your home loan between variable and fixed interest rates at different amounts can make a big impact on the cost of your monthly repayments. Not every financial institution offers a split loan option, however, so be sure to click on the Split Loan Option filter when comparing home loans on our website.

Use this Split Loan Calculator to calculate how a split loan could work for you.

Please note: The calculations do not take into account all fees and charges. The results provided by this calculator are an estimate only, and should not be relied on for the purpose of making a decision in relation to a loan. Interest rates and other costs my change over time, affecting the total cost of the loan. Consider whether you need financial advice from a qualified adviser.

5-Star Rated Split Home Loans on Canstar’s Database

If you’re in the market for a new split rate home loan, the comparison table below features a snapshot of some of the products on our database with links to lenders’ websites, sorted by advertised interest rate (lowest to highest), then by provider name (A-Z), with links to lenders’ websites. Products shown include principal and interest home loans with an optional split rate facility that are available for a loan amount of $500K in NSW with an LVR of 80% of the property value. Choose between the First Home, Next Home, Investing and Refinance tabs to view results most relevant to you. Before committing to a particular home loan product, check upfront with your lender and read the applicable loan documentation to confirm the details of the split rate facility, what your rates could be for the fixed and variable parts of your loan, and whether the terms of the loan as a whole meet your needs and repayment capacity. *Comparison rate based on loan amount of $150,000 and a term of 25 years. Read the Comparison Rate Warning. Use Canstar’s home loan selector to view a wider range of home loan products.