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Compare Superannuation Funds

We’ve compared over 75 Australian Superannuation funds to help you compare and find the best super funds for you. Learn about investment options, salary sacrifice, superannuation tax, lost superannuation and other important topics. CANSTAR’s FSG and website terms of use apply to your use of the information on these pages.

Jan 222015
 Posted by on 22/01/2015
Types of Superannuation

What is superannuation? Well, it’s not the most riveting of conversation topics, unless you’re talking to an accountant or a financial planner. But it’s your retirement money and you simply [...]

Jan 222015
 Posted by on 22/01/2015
How to find lost super

If you have worked in employment then chances are you have at least one superannuation fund. For eligible workers, the current superannuation rate is 9.5% of your ordinary earnings. Many [...]

Dec 192014
 Posted by on 19/12/2014
Important things to know about your super

The Superannuation industry currently manages around $1.8 trillion of Australian’s retirement savings and a recent report released by the Financial Services Council and ING Direct found that over 80% of [...]