The TAS Seniors Card - Everything You Need To Know

Our guide to the Tasmanian Seniors Card, including its history, the benefits it offers, eligibility requirements, and how you could apply for one.

Part of the nationwide Seniors Card program, the Tasmanian Seniors Card offers Tasmanian permanent residents who are 60 or older (and meet specific employment criteria) discounts on goods and services, cheaper public transport, holidays and in some cases, cheaper utilities. The card’s website bills it as a way for older citizens to live “healthier, happier, more active and affordable lives in retirement”.

According to the Tasmanian Government, the state boasts over 104,000 registered Seniors Card holders.

What does the Tasmanian Seniors Card offer?

The Tasmanian Seniors Card entitles its holder to discounts at participating businesses, transport concessions, and discounts on a number of government services.

What business discounts can you get with a Tasmanian Seniors Card?

The list of discounts afforded by a Tasmanian Seniors Card is rather extensive, but covers things like:

  • Automotive expenses, including servicing and cleaning
  • Holiday and travel, including accommodation and vehicle hire expenses
  • Household needs, including cleaning, construction, and phone and internet
  • Leisure, lifestyle, and recreation, including cinema costs, outdoor recreation and restaurants/dining
  • Professional services, including accountants, insurance, and dental services
  • Shopping, including discounts at a large range of different retailers

For the full list of discounts offered to Tasmanian Seniors Card holders, you can view the 2017-2018 edition of the Tasmanian Seniors Card Directory here.

What transport concessions are you entitled to with a Tasmanian Seniors Card?

A Tasmanian Seniors Card entitles its holder to concession travel fares, which are flat rates regardless of how many zones the card holder travels in. The concession rates in urban zones are $2.30 for a paper ticket, or $1.84 with a Greencard at the time of writing.

Tasmanian Seniors Card holders are also entitled to concession fares in non-urban zones, but the fare structure is slightly more complex and varies depending on where you’re travelling to/from. For more info on non-urban transport fares, visit Metro Tas’ page here.

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Who is eligible for a Tasmanian Seniors Card?

You may be eligible for a Tasmanian Seniors Card if you:

  • Are a Tasmanian resident
  • Are 60 or older
  • Don’t work more 20 hours per week in paid employment

How do I apply for a Tasmanian Seniors Card?

You can apply for a Tasmanian Seniors Card by going to any Service Tasmania Shop and obtaining an application form for the card. Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll need to return it to a Customer Service Officer along with three original pieces of ID from the following list. At least one of your pieces of ID must show your date of birth and provide proof of your Tasmanian address. You can choose from the following forms of ID:

  • Australian Birth certificate (extract acceptable) or Australian Citizenship papers
  • Passport
  • Driver’s licence or Firearms licence
  • Medicare Card
  • Credit card/debit card with your signature
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Card or Centrelink Aged Pension Card
  • Change of Name or Marriage Certificate (from Births, Deaths and Marriages) to prove any name change
  • Recent bank statement or utility account with current residential address

If approved, you will receive your form with a receipt, which will have a Seniors Card number on it. This can be used as your temporary Seniors Card, and can be used immediately in Tasmania. Your permanent seniors card may take up to 28 days to be delivered to you, but once you receive it you will be able to use your Seniors card both within and outside Tasmania.

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