Bendigo Bank is back: "This was not a cyber attack"

Bendigo Bank says its online banking is back up and running after an “unexpected outage” had left some customers out of pocket for more than 24 hours.
Bendigo back network back online
Source: ArliftAtoz2205 (Shutterstock)

The bank said on Twitter that the blackout was not caused by a cyber attack and reassured customers there was no data breach, however so far it has not offered a reason for the outage.

Bendigo Bank notified customers on Thursday morning that its systems were back online and apologised for the trouble the breakdown had caused.

The bank told customers through Twitter that all payments affected in Wednesday’s outage have now been processed, although some payments going through today (Thursday) may be delayed due to the backlog of payments.

The bank has also promised that it would consider compensating – “as appropriate” – customers who experienced financial loss as a result of the outage.

Some customers reported being charged a fee by fuel stations for being unable to pay for petrol, while others reported being charged overdrawn fees on their account for direct debits that failed.

Bendigo Bank first notified customers around 5am Wednesday that its ebanking services and some branches were affected by a network problem.

Customers flooded social media to air their frustrations about not being able to withdraw money or process online transactions.

Some customers were unable to pay for their fuel at the petrol station, while others complained about not being able to receive pay from their employer.

Bendigo Bank said it would try to ensure this outage would not happen again.

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