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Listcorp is a free website designed to facilitate discovery, understanding and communication between investors and listed companies.

  • Enables investors to easily connect to the news on any company listed on the ASX
  • Investors can categorise and save the information that’s important to them via the My Research tool
  • Investment Profile pages present information in the same 9 categories for every company, with links to the source of all information

Listcorp's aim is to provide Investors with all the information they need to learn everything they need to know about the businesses of listed companies.

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Livewire brings together leading financial companies and commentators on a single platform where they can share insights and discuss what’s happening in the markets.

  • A social media platform for investors and market professionals.
  • Gives self–directed investors access to the stock ideas, research and investment strategies from fund managers, stockbrokers and independent research providers.
  • Members receive unique access to some high quality insights

Livewire caters to the confident investor with information related directly to the current investment environment.

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On Market Bookbuilds

On Market Bookbuilds gives all investors access to ASX IPOs and placements via exchange-hosted capital raising platform, ASX BookBuild.

  • Free access to offers and ability to invest directly in IPOs from your phone
  • Get instant notifications about new and upcoming opportunities
  • Access to third-party research and interviews

On Market Book builds aims to democratise access to capital raisings via technology.

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Simply Wall St

Simply Wall St provides a unique visualisation tool to help users make more informed financial decisions.

  • More than 10,000 simple infographics per day to visualise complex stock market data
  • App utilises data from S&P Capital IQ
  • Helps self-directed investors to make non-emotional long term investment decisions based on fundamentals.

The platform analyses over 15,000 US, UK and AU stocks every 6 hours and presents the results in a really easy to understand infographics.

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Wise-owl offers high-quality and independent investment advice primarily designed for the ‘DIY’ investor.

  • Easy-to-read and actionable stock recommendations
  • Subscribers have access to a variety of model portfolios, each based on different strategies
  • Each subscriber is assigned a dedicated advisor who can be contacted Monday to Friday via phone, email or live chat during office hours

Wise-owl is specialised in small and mid-capitalisation companies but also offers advice on ASX200 blue-chip companies, Initial Public Offerings (‘IPOs’) and International Equities.

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SelfWealth uses the collective intelligence of like-minded investors to help its members make smart investment decisions, and trade these decisions at very competitive brokerage rates.

  • SelfWealth INTELLIGENCE is built on the idea that collective intelligence can lead to better results. Users create a profile and are matched to like-minded investors. They can then monitor to trades of these investors to generate investment ideas for themselves.
  • SelfWealth provides members with a SafetyRating score, which shows how diversified their portfolio is, and a WealthCheck score, outlining their financial health

SelfWealth allows self-directed investors looking to invest in ASX listed stocks to make confident investment decisions and bypass the need to utilise the services of a broker or fund manager.

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