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Compare Savings Accounts | Find high interest savings accounts

Compare high interest savings accounts, cash manager accounts, term deposits and bonus savings accounts. Daily updates for the latest interest rates. We’ve also analysed the products to find out which offers the best value for you.

Apr 022015
 Posted by on 02/04/2015
Some holiday money stuff to do…

Did you make any money-related New Year resolutions this year? Perhaps to start a regular savings habit, to pay off your credit card, to get ahead on your home loan? [...]

Mar 022015
 Posted by on 09/03/2015
Innovation Excellence Awards - 2015

In this report we highlight six outstanding products from the banking, superannuation, and insurance sectors that show true innovation in their fields.

Sep 292014
 Posted by on 04/02/2015
When it comes to saving…

Each year CANSTAR researches a multitude of savings accounts on the market, to determine which organisations offer outstanding value for Australians. This year CANSTAR is pleased to congratulate Victoria Teachers [...]