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Compare over 199 credit cards using our easy comparison service. View fee’s, interest rates, ratings, and features to find the best credit card for you. For a breakdown view our compare credit card rates page.

Sep 102014
 Posted by on 10/09/2014
How to avoid credit card fraud

On average Aussies collectively put around $280 billion of transactions through their credit cards each year. Chances are some of those transactions are fraudulent. How can you avoid being a [...]

Sep 022014
 Posted by on 02/09/2014
Should you switch your credit card?

Do you owe a running balance on your credit card? If so you’re not alone; there is currently around $35 billion worth of credit card debt on which we pay [...]

Jun 172014
 Posted by on 18/06/2014
Why do you use a credit card?

Many of us do use them: according to the most recent Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) statistics, Aussies currently put around $21 billion of purchases through their credit cards each [...]

Jun 172014
 Posted by on 12/08/2014
De-Clutter your debt

The good news is that post-GFC,  Aussie’s have been reining in their spending and reducing their debt. Or at any rate, not increasing their debt at the same rate as [...]