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Compare Mutual Banks

With the emergence of mutual banks (rebranded credit unions, building societies and mutual funds), Australian banking has taken a turn for the better.

Compare customer-owned mutual banks with CANSTAR’s Mutual Bank Awards.

Aug 212014
 Posted by on 21/08/2014
Who owns my bank?

According to a consumer survey of more than 1,500 people undertaken by People’s Choice Credit Union, and released recently, 84% of respondents believed banks should have to disclose who owns [...]

Jul 302014
 Posted by on 05/08/2014
Mutual Bank - Awards

IN THIS REPORT We analysed 60 customer-owned institutions across Australia and award the one offering best value.The customer is always right… Sadly, these days it’s not always the case that [...]

Jul 182014
 Posted by on 18/07/2014
Customers of customer-owned are happy

Australians like to complain about their financial institution in the same way as they like to complain about the weather. Most people, though, do not vote with their feet. Nevertheless, [...]